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Tiring History

Mh, I’ve been quite efficient today. Considering I’ve spent the previous night on a train, sitting in a chair awkwardly for hours. I managed to get through school, and I even managed to study for the upcoming history test on Wednesday, during my free time between lessons.

Now what I didn’t manage so well was staying up all day. When I got home I was in a very big need of a power nap. So power nap it was. The only issue I got with power naps is that they don’t seem to work on me. So while trying to study some more everything else became much more interesting.

Like my hair dangling from my face down into the book...

Then suddenly, I was screwed... 

and I had two choices: To fall asleep in my book, or to do something else. So what else is there to do when you’re supposed to study? Well… Camera +book= Amateur photographing fun.

I decided to abuse my history book.

Oh sweet revenge for abusing my fall break....

Well, I was saved from boredom/tiredness when my sister later on came on a visit. Talking with her is fun. We talk more freely than before, and I like to think we have come closer as sisters and friends. We ordered a bunch of teas from Pukka Herbs, can’t wait for them to come~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~




…is kinda using words of English I didn’t quite know could have such meaning. Like ‘belted’ is to hit someone, up til now belt was just a belt to me. I’m just on chapter two and I have opened my dictionary several times..

I’m so out of it when it comes to reading English novels, I used to be good at it. But that was years ago.

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A Bookworm’s World

Have you ever had the oh so brilliant idea of visiting the local library to get some literature to read through the summer, specially if the weather forecast looks rainy and gloomy, and you’re coming home with 4 thick books and just can’t choose which one to start with?

Well, that is my biggest and really annoying problem right now. Do I want to read about hollywood crimes? The Last Coyote or Echo ParkMichael Connelly is, beside Haruki Murakami, one of my favorite writers. Crime stories may not be on the top of my favorite topic list, but damn his writing is keeping me interested.

Or maybe I want to read Stephenie Meyer‘s The Host; a story about souls taking over the human world, hosting bodies and eliminating its mind in order to take control of it. Of course there’s one girl who refuse to let go of her memories and her big love. I do hope this love story is different from Twillight.

Still, I think I actually might choose  Manda Scott‘s The Crystal Skull to read first. The only writer I haven’t read anything of before. The one about Maya Indians prediction that the world is going to end at 21st of December 2012 if the 13th skull stones aren’t reunited. The one that is going to scare me sleepless, because topics like that are making my heart pace faster and my hands to shake of a mild panic attack, and yet I find it horribly interesting?

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