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I need more bubbles~!

I grew up with a bathtub.

Then we moved to a place in 2001 with no tub, just a shower. Since then I haven’t lived any places with one, until now. I was jumping like a little kid when I decided to take a bath saturday morning. And there’s nothing like spending the morning in a bathtub with hot water and a glass of wine, incense and a burning candle.

When I go to Birmingham this weekend, I’m going to hunt down Lush and purchase some bathing bombs~! So that next time, I’ll have more bubbles!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Cute little bubbles in my water.

I love frizzy water or the name that I adore even more, sparkling water! I just love drinking it. It doesn’t have to have a taste, but if it does it’s just an extra plus. I really don’t know why I have grown so fond of water with bubbles. It gives me a content and sated feeling drinking it. The first zip full of frizz is so good. I might enjoy my sparkling water just as much as my morning coffee. Although, I don’t drink it every day. Just when the carvings get to big.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~