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I have never been so happy spending 500NOK on clothes before

That's right. Those two shirts was absolutely worth every single penny!

Well, technically I didn’t pay in penny, and technically they didn’t cost me 500NOK. 398NOK for the shirts + shipping from japan, + 102NOK because of Norway’s stupid import fees. Still all worth it!

This shirt is absolutely fabulous. The color is really light pastel pink, and I feel so feminine and girly in it. And I absolutely love the lace pattern and how its a totally see-through shirt. I need to get hold on some strapless bra-tops-ishy things, preferably in black, white and pink. Need to go on a hunt tomorrow. Oh, and the fabric is really comfortable. I was so afraid that it would itch, some lace fabrics tends to.

I also absolutely love how stiff the collar is! It stays in shape.

This one is a totally classic and feminine chiffon shirt. So elegant with the pieces of fabric across the chest and those cute golden buttons. This will look so awesome and good with all the high-waisted shorts I got, and not to mention how it would match up with my weekday jeans.

Oh, I really just can’t wait to dress up and coordinate outfits with these. Which one to start with for tomorrow? Lace or chiffon? Pink or creamy white?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Monday: All the things I want

I shouldn’t spend so much time looking through Galstars’s online store, specially not since I’m getting a package from them today with two beautiful shirts (hopefully). But there’s so many things I want, and they’re all either lace, chiffon or see-through, or black, white or pink! I just love the femininity of these fabrics, cuts and details.

As for the colors, black, white and pastel pink might be the colors that’s going to sneak their way into my style this spring/season. I can probably add mint green to that to. But let’s be honest, I can’t afford all this, and some of the items is bound to be sold out pretty soon. I just can’t decide what to prioritize first~!

Well, so these are all the things I currently want fashion vise.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~