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Christmas Shopping

I decided to take the saturday of and do some christmas gift shopping. I have a few presents that needs to be sent to Norway pretty quickly so it will reach their owners in time for christmas. So I went out the door…and something felt wrong.

No snow, no cold, no frost... and loads of sun.


Still, there was a bunch of people doing their christmas shopping today.

At least it seemed like it. It was pretty chaotic in the centre. It might have been because it was saturday morning. The picture below doesn’t do the chaos any justice. The queue went far from the counters, curling around the accessorize selves. Which also was the place most people found interesting. So much prettiness!

08dec_02 08dec_03It is also the season for high-heeled party shoes, or christmas shoes. Depends how you look at it. As always I have to small and petite feet to fit any of these. Actually I thought going abroad to the UK would make it easier for me and my shoe size issue, but no. They got size 3 which is size 36. Then some internet stores got size 2 which is size 34….

where did size 2.5/35 disappear to?

Anyways, I got the christmas gift shopped and packed. They are ready to be sent to Norway tomorrow. So my main goal was achieved.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Christmas decoration ~

Uni life just keep getting busier and busier, today its two weeks before hand in and I find myself feeling a little bit robotic. I just work, eat, sleep. Then get up to work some more. Still, somewhere inside that robotic girl there is passion. Maybe a bit frustration, but definitely lots of real passion.

Because why else would I accept drowning in this work?

But due to a lot of work and little time to look around and appreciate, it is hard to find that Christmas feeling and atmosphere. So I insisted on buying a pre-lit christmas tree rising 90 cm over the ground. I really insisted. And I got my wish and some red christmas bulbs and golden glitter! It has its charm where its standing in the living room greeting me good morning every morning when I eat my breakfast. Love it!


Christmas tree and  my lovely school bag ;3

03dec_02 03dec_03

Knitted over-knees on cold days are best <3


Beautiful christmas tree with student "work" in the background!
XXXXX ([]u[])/


Last Christmas

Sitting here trying to find some motivation to work, and whats better than reliving last christmas and looking forward to this years christmas break. Because going home for christmas is really the best award I can get for finishing my work. Looking at it that way I feel I HAVE to work hard to finish.

Oh last christmas was so amazing~! But I am realizing how little pictures I took, and how little I edited. This year I a going to take loads of photo, post like crazy and memorize everything tight into my bone. This year is extra special because I am further away than normally. I am in a situation where I’m not only looking forward to go home, I am also looking forward to get back to Norway. I am also missing a lot of people this year, usually it’s just a few. And I miss someone really really dear to me, M. It makes the going-home-for-christmas-feeling extra strong.

So here's some pictures from last year christmas and new year~!


Lights in Trondheim, so beautiful~


Snow on the mountains, just barely~! (I hope there will be loads of 
snow this year!)


Making gingerbread Gardvik style! There is no little christmas eve 
without :)


Decorated gingerbread :)


Kitten curious on the presents ~


Lovely Christmas decoration.


There's no Christmas break without visiting LeLe!


New years eve, decoration has gone white :)


Team Gardvik making circles :)


Best family (Me, Mum, Dad & little brother, 
but my sister is missing, she was in France)


XXXXX ([]u[])y~



Wishing for a rocky and sparkling christmas!

I was cyber window shopping this morning, and thought I might as well make a little wish-list for my friends. I don’t know what else to wish for than clothes and statement accessories, because I want to be able to bring them with me to UK when I go back. This year I love all whats golden and sparkling. And I really need a statement necklace or two.

Bik Bok got a lot of amazing stuff this year, might be because I can’t purchase anything from the store because they don’t ship to Norway, which is making me want all this stuff much more. H&M got some cool stuff :)


XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Christmas Light Switch-on Show!

Well, I and one of the other norwegian girls was supposed to go to the christmas light switch-on show with a Romanian exchange student, but apparently I got the time wrong… At least we had reached the centum before the fireworks started.

 It was very different from the event in the park.

You could hear the loud bangs of the explosion, almost feel it, and all the people on the streets stopped to watch. It was really different. And the fireworks coming up from behind the building looked awesome!

Really love the pic above~!

santa on high bikes... and poor reindeers!

Christmas lights!

From underneath~!

Totally not like the Norwegian tradition of speeches, gingerbread and stuff. The parade went inside one of the shopping malls where the kinds got to sit on santa’s lap. In Norway you’re lucky if you see the santa, and really really lucky if you get sweets from him.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Heart on Sweater, Stars on Legs

I have no imagination what so ever today, header is so awkward, but I had to post this before it came too late. I’m not found of posting outfits late. And I really liked what I wore this Saturday when I went out to grab a cup of coffee with a friend.

Because on Friday I got my package from my mum, containing all the books I got for christmas, some food and the starry tights I got from my sister for Christmas. Gosh, I have missed it so much. I love how it matches up with my fake leather shorts.

XXXXX ([]u[]y~

Theres always answers in the bottom of the coffee cup~

Whats better than sitting in the couch at home, enjoying a cup of coffee? Got any ideas? Well, I tell you. Its enjoying a cup of coffee with and at a friends place. Specially if that friend is one of your closest, both because of what you been through together and how much alike you are. When I came home for the holidays there was one thing I really looked forward too, meeting up Linn-Eli again.

Loving how the picture I made her is hanging in the living room

I got to tell you, I miss the times when we lived at the same place.

When we would spend days together, going through each other clothes and make-up, and drink coffee and talk about life. So being able to meet up with her when I’m home, means a lot to me. She’s one of the friends I talk the most to, and when I came to her place I can assure you we talked for 5 hours straight. Its a wonder we had any time to drink coffee at all!

And both having cameras, we just had to snap some shots~

And camera war is totally necessary~

Sometimes, talking with her is like talking to myself. I got so many answers yesterday, which I’ve been looking for so long. Thats how much alike we are. We talk about our problems with each other because we can relate. We discuss fashions and our own personal opinion of it and our own styles because we can understand and see what the other means.

Like how we both have been a little lost lately when it comes to our own style. How I finally have realized that preppy is my thing, while my fascination for gyaru is just my inspiration. How she have been struggling blog wise and therefore had a break for a month, and how we both realized what we actually want with our blogs. Its just amazing talking to her.

XXXXX ([]u[])<3   – EdgyPop

Game Night

My spot in the couch these days~

Here I enjoy my breakfast and cup of morning coffee, made of this rears christmas coffee. It’s also where I spend hours roaming around on the internet doing nothing useful. I should probably start sitting by the dining/kitchen table and start studying on my history test.

And we never get tired of christmas decoration pictures~

I think I love taking and editing them too.

There is something about the atmosphere in pictures from christmas holiday. Something extra. There is peace and joy and so much more on them.

Us kids bought a game called Geni for the entire family for christmas

So we had a tiny game night yesterday, and it was fun.

Now I’m eating homemade candy I got from my best friend, and waiting for the clock to hit a quarter past five. Around then I have to be ready to get out. My sister is visiting one of her friends, and so am I.  I am really looking forward to spend some time with my dear dear friend, Lele.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~   –    EdgyPop

The Evening

Christmas Eve was really lovely~

I think I enjoyed myself so much I forgot to take any pictures. I took some, and my sister took some, but in generally we mostly forgot about it. We ate christmas dinner, had dessert, talked & discussed a lot like usual. The clock was over half past nine before we finally started to unpack the presents.

This is the best outfit picture I got, ofc I am making grimaces.

Wearing such white dress was pretty scary, I was so scared of spilling wine on it, and eventually I did. It wasn’t much, so the stain went away.

I got a lot of useful presents, pretty accessorizes and new books to read. I am really happy with getting the new book, 1Q84, by Haruki Murakami.

So thank you all, for the presents~!

Curious cat is very curious on the biggest presents~

Afterwards we had a round of quiz, reading and answering questions until the most of us was so tired (or a bit influenced by alcohol) we couldn’t answer anymore. I was so damn tired when I went to bed. And so damn annoyed when the storm woke me up 4 hours later. Strong wind, hail hitting the windows and lighting & thunder.

Not the most christmas-ish weather outside, but still having a great time.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~     –  EdgyPop

Merry Christmas~!

Just as the title says, Merry Christmas to all of you out there!

Bloggers, blogg readers, friends & family. I hope all you have a wonderful time. I’m just waiting for my nail polish to dry, then I’m going to jump in my dress, do my hair and make-up and be ready for dinner~ I am so looking forward to have my family gathered around the table, sitting there having a blast for hours.

Decorated gingerbread and making of dessert~!

Our decorated christmas tree and one of our lovely cats~

As a kid I thought the time at the dinner table was like an eternity, and I just couldn’t wait until we would start opening the present. As a young adult, I have learned to cherish and love these hours. I am really happy for us as a family, that we are able to gather together and have a joyful evening like this. No matter where we have been located during studies, or if we have been sick or worried about family. I am really happy for the christmas days we are able to enjoy together. I could probably say this over and over again in different ways, because I am so grateful.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~    EdgyPop