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Clean sheets to write a story on~

2012, please be good!(above:a picture that means a lot to me)

1 dream

  • To study abroad, and feel confident about the language, place and culture

2 expectations

  • That this year will bring me something good
  • That I’ll be able to improve

3 Goals

  • Getting good grades, at tests and at the end of the last semester
  • To get better at keeping in touch with friends, call and text more often.
  • Get to school/deals on time (at least more often than what I have been)

4 Got-to-do’s

  • Go to the doctor and get checked up
  • Work out with the same joy as the previous year
  • Practice taking pictures – take good ones for my blog
  • Start doing my homework during free time at school, and right away after school.

5 I would love to’s

  • To cook and make food more often
  • Travel somewhere (excluded the place I would study abroad)
  • Read educational books and literature
  • Hang out on café more often – with friends or with a book
  • Fall in love with someone who wants to be with me (cheesy huh?)

6 I want to avoid

  • getting shit faced and do something stupid
  • Eating too much candy/sugar and get too addicted
  • mess up my sleeping habits and end up over-sleeping.
  • getting in big fights with friends
  • postponing stuff until it’s almost to late.
  • Letting my fear of spiders get me to much

7 things I want to improve

  • to master speaking english a lot better
  • prioritizing right
  • my blog – as previously said: I want to make it more me.
  • my health – I always want to, good health is important to me.
  • my writing skills, since I want to pick up writing poems/lyrics again
  • my guitar skills, I didn’t buy a guitar for nothing
  • my japanese, its damn hard to be self thought. Purchasing some school books might help me here

8 things I want to blog

  • video blogs. It’s a scary decision, but it might help me with my english
  • about the little things in life that makes me happy
  • about my opinions and thoughts on different subjects.
  • more thoroughly tough posts
  • about my style, yes outfit pictures, but I want to make them a bit more meaningful
  • about what inspires me, and what makes me who I am
  • unique lists that would be interesting and fun to read
  • more pictures – different, unique and strange one.

9 words for the coming year

  • Inspire
  • unique
  • challenge
  • poetic
  • words
  • hope
  • excitement
  • thoughtful
  • strange
XXXXX ([]u[])y~    -   EdgyPop