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I don’t think I can ever get enough shirts in my closet.

I was originally getting up early to work on my NO dept study essay, but I got a bit occupied with drooling on clothes at my favorite shop, Galstar. And I came over these 3 shirts I just got to have!

The red one here is sold out sadly, the bordeaux color looks amazing~

But the other colors looks good too, hm mocha, green and/or black?

This lace shirt is so cute, I got to have it in pink! And white....

The black one here is sold out, but I don't mind I want it in white~!

Gosh these shirts, I want them so much. I got like 6 shirts already in my closet, but apparently I want at least 5 more. Which color to get is always the hardest thing choosing, making me want the two first ones in different colors.  Yay or Nay? Buy or save money?

XXXXX ([]u[])/

9th of January – Back in BSNS

So I’m back in Trondheim. Arrived late yesterday~ Lele was kind enough to help me drag my luggage from the bus stop and home, and today we did son serious training. Aaaand tomorrow school is starting again. Yeah, its back in business! Have been trying to sort out some paper just lying around, but it’s honestly my closet that need tidying up!

I wonder if I bother doing something about it tonight… Well, actually I kinda have to if I want to get that bag away from the floor. Ultimately I should do it tonight because it gets harder and harder to get motivation to unpack the more your waiting with doing it. The big question here is; will I ever be done with it in time, so I don’t ruining my sleep? Because its school tomorrow, yanno.. And I have stuff to do before.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~