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So this is life…

This is pretty much my life right now. Quite similar to last week.

Well, actually I am sitting much more up right now, because I suddenly felt much better. So there weren’t much need for me to roll around in bed with my blanket and my mac, risking it to almost fall on the floor or get over heated. Just kidding, I would never risk my mac like that~! But yeah, I got pretty mad yesterday when I got a fever again. Having a harsh cold for a whole week is pretty much enough, I didn’t need it all over again.

I got better! So what the actual f**k happened? I might have gone out sunbathing too soon, but who would be able to resist 25-28 degrees? I also might have hit the town with my girls too soon. But the mood was so right, and it was a good chance it would be our last time. So how could I resist THAT? And the fatal blow might have been that I felt so great I decided to work out on Tuesday. Then the fever hit me again, and I just thought “fuck my life…”, bought some orange juice and crept underneath my blankets again..

But now I am feeling better again!

And I’m wondering if I need to visit the doctor tomorrow… What if I just need to relax until it 100% gone. Why would I get better if it was a bacterial infection? Why spend money just to get told that it is a virus after all and I can’t get medicine for it? Gah…

To end this entry with something positive; 1. I am feeling better. 2. I am looking forward to the weekend. Because someone has asked me on a weekend trip to their cottage/cabin/country home. Not totally what to call it. But, it might be nice to get away for a weekend and totally relax. Because all this town and my room is reminding me of right now is being sick.

okay, ending personal ranting/complaining entry here~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Oh Well, Holidays can’t last forever.

I think I am irritable because of lack of sugar.

Easter holidays are over and its back to normal eating. And my body is so not used to it. This is the down side of holiday breaks like christmas and easter. Another downside is the “Traveling back to my place” part.

So once again I’m sitting here thinking why the fuck teleportation haven’t been invented yet. Why can’t I just go to Trondheim without hours of traveling? No, I don’t mind traveling, I just mind traveling in the north of Norway. Everything is so far away from each other, everything is much more difficult. I have to take a bus for almost 3 hours and a taxi for a few minutes to get to the airport.


But when I finally get to Værnes it all goes smoothly. Just a simple bus ride, and I’m in town. No traveling for hours, no taxi. No headache. And now that I am done complaining; I am really looking forward to getting back to Trondheim and my life after 12 days holiday. I have finished packing already.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~