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Friday = Pizza

Friday equals pizza in this house. It’s that day when everyone is tired from the week, when nobody can bother coming up with something to make for dinner, and when we all want to celebrate that it’s finally weekend. Yes, that’s pizza friday.

Should totally have posted this on friday. But I suddenly have too much to post, and I’m falling behind.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Instagram Part VII

Its been a while since last Instagram Update, so here’s part 7. I didn’t have time to make this kinds of post during my exam, I was quite busy either being sick or studying. But, that time is over. I can gladly tell you that I’ve been well for almost a week now. I’ve also been working out 2 times without getting a fever again, yay~! So I’m hoping I’ll get back to using Instagram as much as I used to~

As always, click the numbers to see each picture bigger!

  • 1. A beautiful day during may~
  • 2. Cake! Ate brownies at a café with my lovely friend.
  • 3. And drank Chili Coffee!
  • 4. I also discovered that almost every photo shoots in Costume contains either nakedness or boobs. why?

  • 5. afterschool napping…
  • 6. Love my dotted tights~
  • 7. Finally got hold of a mint green nail polish!
  • 8. Bringing (my) sexy back (out). Just love that top!

  • 9. Scrubbed of the club stamp and this happened. To much self-tan? YES!
  • 10. My face when I got selected for math exam, not so happy!
  • 11. Yummi vegetables!
  • 12. Coolest/cutest/best birthday cake ever~

  • 13. birthday drink, from someone special ^^
  • 14. Wet hat, 17th of May was very very rainy…
  • 15. One lovely gift I got, which I am going to wear every day.
  • 16. Waiting, someone is shopping t-shirts! (not me!)

  • 17. I made filled/baked red peppers!
  • 18. And they turned out amasing~
  • 19. My life during the week of my math exam
  • 20. Sleeping with Mr. Monkey again…
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

No Xmas without Gingerbread

After shopping out in a horrible weather...

..  its nice to warm up in the kitchen making gingerbread.

I loved this cute angle shape~!

It’s always so much fun making gingerbread. We turn on christmas music, sing and dance around in the kitchen and we joke and laugh a lot. It’s one of the best moments during christmas.

The weather outside is definitely not the best...

.. so we have to make the best of it inside. Its windy and raining outside, almost storm. So having a blast inside, its great. We made two types, one with and one without gluten. The one without got really crispy and soft. So tasty~!

I am running back and fort between blogging and helping my dad with the Christmas tree. We just got it up, and we’re going to get the lights on soon so we can decorate it! This night is almost as lovely as christmas eve. I am enjoying these days so much!

XXXXX ([]u[]) y~     – EdgyPop

23rd of April – Good Friday Sushi

Thats right. When everybody else was out on the beach BBQ’ing we decided to make homemade sushi instead. I was really surprised when dad during christmas break told me that we had to make sushi sometime. And I haven’t really thought that a sushi night would take place in this house. Still, I am really happy that we decided to actually do it this time~

Dad was of course the one preparing the fish~ We decided to make sushi with trout, monkfish and catfish. No salmon, but trout is just as good.

I made the rice, which got quite tasty. I’ve made sushi before but then we didn’t add any seasoning in the rice. I could’t taste a big difference this time. Don’t make sushi without it, because it makes the meal quite delicious and tasty~

Haha, I love how my hairdo fit the setting. Well, I was also the one rolling the maki’s while dad cut them in pieces. Made a few nigiri sushi, because I really love them.

For vegetables we used cucumber, peppers and spring onions~  I get why peppers wasn’t in any of the recipes we looked at. It’s crispy and comes as a surprise when you eat the maki rolls. Still, it tasty and good.

Ready to teach the newbies about japanese courtesy and how to eat with chopsticks. It was quite fun to watch mom and uncle struggle a bit with the chopsticks. I am quite satisfied with the rolls we made, they were really tasty, and the evening. It was once again a nice evening with my family.

Saddly easter break is reaching its end soon, and I am starting to feel the stress about my project. I’m still way far behind due to my illness, and I’m slowly trying to reach the end of the sketch project before we’re back at school to start with the technical drawing part.

XXXXX ([]u[])~