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Self Reflection

Thought I would show my face on my blog again...

…because I can’t remember last time I did. And this might come as a shock to some of you at home, and to you who is interested in my style. Because this is a drastic change from the girl who left Norway to who I am now.

Who would have thought 3 years ago that I would stop abusing my hair with 1 bottle of hairspray monthly and over teasing it?

Now I hardly use anything. A little dry shampoo/dust it every now and then, a tiny spray of hairspray for hold. A little anti-frizzy spray to tame the crazy effect the english weather has on my hair. Oh, and absolutely no teasing anymore.

Who would have thought that? I certainly wouldn't.

Who would have thought 1 year ago that I would stop using fake lashes, tons of eyeshadow and a fat eyeliner?

Now I hardly use eyeliner any mire. In fact, I have only used eyeliner twice since the start of october. That’s over a month ago. I haven’t used fake lashes since the summer. Although I miss it sometimes, it is not something I want to wear every day anymore. And guess what, I have gotten more confident about my eyes.

 I don't feel like they are to small anymore.

I have in fact gotten more comfortable with my make-up free face due to more natural make-up. I feel more free, that I am more me than ever. That I have finally found myself, rescued myself from drowning in cosmetic and styles that doesn’t represent me.

I can still do gyaru inspired make-up if I want to, but it isn’t a style that define me any more. I love it. And I love my eyes. I also love having a soft and heathy hair. After all that teenage abuse it really deserve me growing up and becoming more mature.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

What I’ll paint on my canvas is up to me.


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Make-up! Or my face as others like to call it.

When I think about it, its strange that this has become my “face”, my identity. Through my life I have met a handful of people who hasn’t recognised me without make-up. And I am not the kind of person who can’t go outside without make-up. I do it all the time. I just love dolling up, meeting the day with bright lipstick and long lashes. A way for me to just make my day better. Because it’s kind of a hobby for me, a routine I do in the morning in order to wake up, just like the first cup of coffee.

So maybe this is my “face” after all, the natural me is more like a starting point. A canvas. All the tools (make-up, brushes, lashes ect) are available, why not use them? Why is it such a bad thing to do in someones eyes? Just because I like it, doesn’t mean I judge you badly if you don’t. It’s like my view on vegetarism vs. normal diet. If you accept that I don’t eat meat, I’ll accept that you do. So if you just accept that I wear this kind of make up almost every day, I’ll accept that you don’t.

Simple isn't it?

Why do we always have to have opinions about what others should and should not do? Just let it be. Life gets easier if you do.

This is not what I originally intended to write about.

Just wanted to make a simple update about my favorite type of make-up, and then all these thoughts appeared. Well, this IS my favorite kind of make up. 2-3 different shades of brown eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, a bit dramatic looking lashes, orange/pink blushes and bright lips. Really bright-colored lips is becoming my favorite this season. But light shades is a good number second.

Gonna hit the gym soon, but I’m really tired so I’m afraid this workout is going to be slow and hard. My brain is telling me that I would just love to skip it, but I know I’ll feel much more energized and awake afterwards. Such a lovely effect of working out~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Something New: Bold with wine red colored lips~


Today my eyes where red and irritated and it led me to try a new style; Dark and bold lipstick and almost zero eye make-up. I used just skin colored eyeshadow, a bit of eyeliner and mascara. It’s usually the totally opposite with me. I like bold eye make-up and neutral/light lipsticks. Nice to try something different for once~

I also got to wear one of my favorites tops form Galstar, been ages since last time! Oh, and those lovely overknees with a little ribbon at the sides. So cute and elegant ~

XXXXX ([]u[])/

Which One Will I Use Today?

I can’t be the only girl with this issue in the morning. Which eyeshadow to pick this time? Or are you one that sticks to the same color, or minimalistic/natural look everyday? I’m certainly not, and I’ve started do grow tired of using grey/brown shades every day.

The problem is: it’s so easy to choose brown because it goes with everything, in contrary to purple, coral, green yellow ect. Sometimes I just want to go color block style, but that just too much – even too me.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Fill-up Order!

I can hear certain ppl saying "oh no, she didn't!"

But I totally did. Why aren’t we gals ever getting tired of spending money on make-up? Most of this is for filling up empty bottles and replacing old mascara that should be thrown away. The good thing about E.L.F is that when you go empty of something it doesn’t become a financial crisis because it blows your budget. You can easily afford fill-up orders.

What isn't fill-up is the two new shades of lipstick~

I love the nude color of the shade Natural Nymph, I’ve had it before, but it kinda got ruined about a year ago. It’s actually a wonder that I haven’t ordered a new one earlier, because I was quite down when it happened. I can finally have nicely nude lips again~

The red color, Royal Red, isn’t bright red but deep red with a hint of pink. I love it! I already have a deep red shaded lipstick and it can look quite brutal and hard sometimes. This shade will still give the dark look, but with a softer finish.

I also got me my standard foundation in a lighter shade~

Because I’m just not that tanned any more as I was during summer. Not that I actually was tanned, just a little sun kissed, but I’m not even that anymore! I have finally a shade that actually match my face. Now I don’t have to go being all worried if I have a visible difference from my face to my neck. I hate it. Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow!

I just love this song so much, Kim Hyun Joong is an amazing artist~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~





23rd of January – E.L.F. Gave Me Red

More packages is the mail? And now you’re thinking “does it ever stop?”. Well, this was the last one for a while, I swear on it. I tend to make orders at E.L.F. when they release free shipping codes, because I then get more for 200 NOK. I am always making sure my order is a little under, so I don’t get lots of fees and yanno. Stupid Norway.

1. Make-up Mist & set Spray

2. Lip primer & plumper

3. Mineral concealer in Fair

4. Mineral blush in Joy

5. Mineral Lipstick in Cheerful cherry

6. Mineral eyeliner in Black

7. Mineral lip liner in Rose

Just a closer picture of the concealer, blush, eyeliner, lipliner and the lipstick~

The mist & set spray was a free gift, another reason for making an order, and I am looking forward to try it out. We all like our make-up to stay fine through the day don’t me? Had to order a new lip primer as I kinda lost my old one and THIS one really works. The lipstick stays on. Ordered a new concealer as the old one is close to empty, took the lightest shade this time since my old one in Light is a shade to dark for my skin.

I am looking forward to try out the mineral eyeliner, I like how its sharpener free. I am really satisfied with my Shimmer eyeliner pencil, but with the sharpener i waste much eyeliner every time I use it. I have always wanted a lip liner, and finally the color I wanted was in stock! The color fit with most of my lipsticks. And of course I had to order a red lipstick. This one is dark and matte instead of bright and shimmery, which I love about it!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~