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Kitty cute~

This is our youngest cat, she’s a few years now but is still young and cute. Oh who am I kidding, cats are cute whatever their age is!  Anyways~On sunday when I got home and was about to get in bed she started to pose on the couch. She was being cute while demanding to get scratched, and I just couldn’t overlook it anymore, I had to snap some pictures.

Isn’t she cute?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

InstaGram Part II

Its time for another InstaGram update~ I am still home at easter break in this pic, it’s so nice to memorize it all through this update. This time we’re starting with when I was with mum at the local handcrafts store. Yarn and colors everywhere~! Again, click on the numbers (1., 2., ect.) to see the pictures bigger ;)

  • 1. Bowl with soft and delicate yarn~
  • 2. Fabrics in so many pattern and colors
  • 3. Cupcake tower with yarn.
  • 4. And vintage weight with homemade soap

  • 5. Cute purses with vintage and romantic patterned textiles
  • 6. Cute cakes hat my mum have made!
  • 7. Yummi breakfast~
  • 8. Cuddling time with a very unwilling cat

  • 9. Seigmenn i snøskred~! Easter dessert.
  • 10. Candles in the snowy view.
  • 11. Mango cookies, bought them at the local Thai store. So yummi!
  • 12. Blue monster. Face mask with blueberries :)

  • 13. Make-up selca!
  • 14. Matching deep rose-red lipstick and nail polish
  • 15. Reading english interior magazine, I love this kind of decorating.
  • 16. Favorite lashes at the moment~

  • 17. Doing something sensible during break = studying.
  • 18. Planning my days, getting ready for regular school days again.
  • 19. Last two days of my holiday sun appeared! Tanning.
  • 20. Bragging? Well, yes. And tanning.
XXXXX ([]u[])/

Moments I wish I had an iPhone

See the rest at Yesstyle here~

Isn’t these totally cute? When I saw them this morning I really wished I had bought an Iphone 4 instead of a HTC. Why can’t they make cool cases like these for HTC phones too. So colorful and cute. Just a little something to brighten the day a little.

Which I totally need right now, because I am getting pretty sick of being.. sick. If I start writing about it this will become a rant post, and neither you or I would want that. I don’t think I can stress it enough how much I am looking forward to travel home to mum&dad tonight. Just 10 hours with train at night, but it’s so worth it right now~

XXXXX ([]u[])/

My cat wants to wear my fab shoes

At least I think she likes them a lot,

she laid down there beside them pretty often. I wasn’t so found that when she started playing with them tho. Playing means biting on her part. Guess its my own fault for laying them under the table. Oh I just love her big eyes and her personality.

I just had to post these pictures of her. She’s so strange and cute~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~         -  EdgyPop