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MusicPop: Week 6 – Drink up!

So now I’m basically just waiting for my landlord to pick up the phone so I can say that I’m ready to hand the key’s in, then I’m out of this place. Feels nice! What do I do while I wait? Well I am searching for mp3’s of my new loves to download, and I’m roaming around in my music as usual.

New Luv: 2Pm – Hands Up

2PM, I just love you. I have no words for this, it’s just brilliant! The mood is addictive, the song is catchy, the dance is just as amazing as ever, and their hairstyle is fab! YES, I am hooked on their hairstyle.  Shame on everyone who think this is a copy of GD&TOP’s High High, I’m a hardcore fan of that song, and I totally see the difference!

This weeks Kpop: F(x) – hot summer

Yup, I know I posted this yesterday, but it totally is this week K-pop song. I have played it soooo much since it came out. And I gonna keep raping it till… I don’t know..! I just can’t get tired of it, it seems. This song is probably gonna remind me of this summer later on.

This weeks JPop/Rock: Alice nine –  gemini-0-eternal

I seriously love these songs, I’ve been playing them a lot during cleaning this place. By these songs I mean that this continues into Gemini-I and II. It’s just amazing to listen to all 3, but they still work just as good separately.

Hooked on:

Lady Gaga

Another Lady Gaga song! I’ve been listening to this for a while, and it just kept growing on me, so far that now when I play it I totally sing along.


I first listened to this in english and was like “no,hell no!”, then I listened to the korean version of it an went totally “yess yess yess!”


I am totally rediscovering a lot of jrock songs, and rock songs in general. I’ve forgotten how much I love this one!

Ah, well, should try calling my landlord again!

XXXXX ([]o[])/