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Everything I got Is…

PINK, just bright glorious pink!

I wonder how this happened, cuz I didn't plan it.

It might be my crazy addiction to having things that match. I blame the cute wallet and the pencil-case. And of course, when the potions are grey, red, blue and purple/pink, I choose the latter. So it has escalated to this. When I went to purchase a sleeve for my Mac I just knew it had to be pink.

And, Gosh, I found a really pink one! Love it~

I find this obsession with pink stuff pretty weird....

Because I don’t tend to like overly cute stuff, I don’t decorate my room in pink, I don’t like to dress up in pink. But I guess I just like it as a detail, and because it’s a lively color. Fo full of life and vibration. Oh well… I need to get in bed. Got a test tomorrow, in the first two hours of school and I don’t want to fall a sleep in my test or something.

Heres my face because I just wanted to show it on my blog again, and now I’ll go before my ridiculous over-tired humor takes over. I’ll just write something weird then. G’nite~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~    – EdgyPop


Details On The Brain

I recently blogged about time passing by like a storm, but today has been a slow day. Every time I felt like I had worked for hours I would look at the clock and see that only 5-10 minutes had passed by. Still, when the school closed and working hours where over, time had yet again managed to do a sneaky jump. So weird, and very very playful, time is.

Still, I had a quite slow morning. Spent the first hours just slowly preparing to wake up, eating break fast and reading k-pop news. No, I don’t read the news paper or check the news on internet as I drink my morning coffee. It’s k-pop all the way through my zips, baby. Okay, some J-rock every now and then. Then I go on trying to decide what to wear, and it was quite hard this morning because I wanted to wear my green jeans no matter what.

These are my “Problem Jeans”, or at least what I decided to label them. I hardly wear them, but I can’t throw them away because in my eyes they’re awesome. With the right coloured t-shirt, or with that perfect lose jumper. The only problem has been that I don’t have any of those, until now.

This is one of my newest purchases once again, went with Lele to H&M one day and just couldn’t leave without this. Because it was leopard patterned, grey and is made of such comfy textile is pure joy to wear it. Oh, and it’s loose so it match up with my problem jeans easily! Two pieces of comfy clothes going hand-in-hand. About time!

This outfit is the perfect example of how much of a detail freak I am. I have white nail polish, earrings and there’s a white chain on my necklace. Which there’s also a green one + that hair pin with a green bow matching with my jeans. At last I’m wearing a pair of grey nerd glasses who matches my top and the gray pair of shoes I wore today. Detail freak, I tell you.

XXXXX ([]u[])/