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Happy Dogs

When little girls try to teach you about fashion..

.... You just smile and let them teach.

It’s tradition to gather at my aunt on December the 20th, on her birthday. At least it is for me~ Its a great opportunity to meet a part of my family when I’m home. One of my nieces daughter decided to teach me about fashion. Told me my shoes where rocker-ish, that I had patterned tights that where in and so much more. She was cute.

I'm not that great with kids, I just get awkward and stuff.

She kept asking questions and wouldn’t believe me when I told I lived in Trondheim. What on earth was I doing there without my mum to protect me. Told me about burglars and stuff. Kids these days. Oh well, I ate cake and had a really nice time.

Now I'm gonna go to bed, hoping no cats will wake me during the night.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~    EdgyPop