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Fill-up Order!

I can hear certain ppl saying "oh no, she didn't!"

But I totally did. Why aren’t we gals ever getting tired of spending money on make-up? Most of this is for filling up empty bottles and replacing old mascara that should be thrown away. The good thing about E.L.F is that when you go empty of something it doesn’t become a financial crisis because it blows your budget. You can easily afford fill-up orders.

What isn't fill-up is the two new shades of lipstick~

I love the nude color of the shade Natural Nymph, I’ve had it before, but it kinda got ruined about a year ago. It’s actually a wonder that I haven’t ordered a new one earlier, because I was quite down when it happened. I can finally have nicely nude lips again~

The red color, Royal Red, isn’t bright red but deep red with a hint of pink. I love it! I already have a deep red shaded lipstick and it can look quite brutal and hard sometimes. This shade will still give the dark look, but with a softer finish.

I also got me my standard foundation in a lighter shade~

Because I’m just not that tanned any more as I was during summer. Not that I actually was tanned, just a little sun kissed, but I’m not even that anymore! I have finally a shade that actually match my face. Now I don’t have to go being all worried if I have a visible difference from my face to my neck. I hate it. Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow!

I just love this song so much, Kim Hyun Joong is an amazing artist~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~





New addition to the playground

Yesterday at work mom sent me a text that was saying just “elf”. At first I didn’t manage to figure what she meant, when my brain started to work I was starting to really look forward to getting home. Getting make-up is always fun!

Although, this time it mostly contained stuff I needed to update, because the old ones is pretty empty right now. Still, some of my purchases is from other lines which I haven’t tried yet. Like Studio line Concealer pencil & brush. I’ve been using the mineral concealer for ages because I was pretty pleased, but this one is even toping that!

So it might not be so bad after all, that I managed to purchase two pieces of it.

Both the blush and the white single eyeshadow was quite different from what I thought. They contain a lot, and I mean A LOT of glitter. I don’t mind, but the glitter tend to get everywhere.

Anyways, I am pretty pleased!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


6th of March – It's all Liquid~!

See, what did I say about busy days? Ah, well so far the internship has been pretty successful. I am enjoying being there, the people at the office is really nice~ Then I have been at a SOFAT meeting, and this friday we held a costume party at our school. Just quite simple; Hat&Glasses Party. Some people took it quite far, but others came just in simple nerd glasses. It was a quite interesting evening, and I had plenty of fun watching drunk people.

I haven’t had time t blog about this, but at Wednesday I received my latest order from E.L.F. Again? YES. Again~ They had 20% discount on the whole internet store so I thought why not? I really needed a new foundation, concealer and eyeliners~

I purchased: Their new Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in Nude, The Zit Zapper, Tone correcting concealer, three liquid eyeliner in black, ash and pearl, Eyelid Primer and shampoo for my brushes! I love the moisturizer, it’s not the perfect shade, but the lighter would have been to light and the one shade darker yeah, be way to dark. The eyeliner is amazing, its of the cheapest versions but really stays on. So don’t mess up when using them.

The purchase I’m the most satisfied with is the Eyelid Primer, this is also of the cheapest version. I like how this one is more liquid than my Studio eye primer. If you like me get dry skin during the winter, or your skin simply dries out after days lots of makeup this is really fantastic~ So is the liquid concealer. Yes, my make-up collection keeps growing <3

XXXXX ([]u[])


23rd of January – E.L.F. Gave Me Red

More packages is the mail? And now you’re thinking “does it ever stop?”. Well, this was the last one for a while, I swear on it. I tend to make orders at E.L.F. when they release free shipping codes, because I then get more for 200 NOK. I am always making sure my order is a little under, so I don’t get lots of fees and yanno. Stupid Norway.

1. Make-up Mist & set Spray

2. Lip primer & plumper

3. Mineral concealer in Fair

4. Mineral blush in Joy

5. Mineral Lipstick in Cheerful cherry

6. Mineral eyeliner in Black

7. Mineral lip liner in Rose

Just a closer picture of the concealer, blush, eyeliner, lipliner and the lipstick~

The mist & set spray was a free gift, another reason for making an order, and I am looking forward to try it out. We all like our make-up to stay fine through the day don’t me? Had to order a new lip primer as I kinda lost my old one and THIS one really works. The lipstick stays on. Ordered a new concealer as the old one is close to empty, took the lightest shade this time since my old one in Light is a shade to dark for my skin.

I am looking forward to try out the mineral eyeliner, I like how its sharpener free. I am really satisfied with my Shimmer eyeliner pencil, but with the sharpener i waste much eyeliner every time I use it. I have always wanted a lip liner, and finally the color I wanted was in stock! The color fit with most of my lipsticks. And of course I had to order a red lipstick. This one is dark and matte instead of bright and shimmery, which I love about it!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


6th of January – Criminal Little Liars

Oh my… I spent most of the day watching criminal minds and pretty little liars, hence the headline. Because with boredom creativity vanish. IDK why I dared to watch criminal minds in this weather in the first place. Not that the series is scary, but I get so scared of sounds when I’m home alone, and its terrible windy today. Old houses, my friend, makes a lot of houses when its windy!

Anyways, when mom got home from work she once again had bought me something. Yesterday it was two pairs of leggings, light grey and peach orange. Today she gave me a pair of over knee socks, in a grey-ish color. I absolutely love them! They’re actually pretty warm and comfy. I want more of these! I just had to do an outfit with them at an instant~~

This outfit popped in my head at an instant. Well, actually in my head it was with a skirt, but then a gain, my heads imaginations isn’t always right proportionally, it looked way better with shorts. I need more shorts! And now some of my friend would be gawking “more shorts?!? She got like… 6-12?!”. Really. I need some that fits my figure a lot more, someone that’s more figure sewn that cheap H&M shorts. I really want some denim ones too~

Yay, for door handle in the background!

Poor pink eyeshadow, it must feel pretty molested and raped. I need to buy myself a bright pink blush, I don’t quite remember what color the one I have from Top Shop is, but I think it’s more deep pink. I definitely need a light pink one. Have to wait until I can afford so, sadly missed E.L.F’s free shipping offer today, but I just couldn’t afford it…  And then there was those shorts, harem pants and some tops that I really want to. DILEMMA! No, make-up first~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~