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Dogs & Outdoors


Due to the lack of dressing up there has been more or less none outfit post coming from me this summer. The reason behind is because I am working as a cleaner for almost 5 weeks how, and have been set on dressing practical for work. I don’t want to wear my beloved shirts and ruin them at work. And I don’t think it’s properly to dress up in high-waisted shorts.

But today I was sick and tired of being practical so I wore jeans at work, and it went just fine! After work I decided to doll up a little in order to stay awake, and go outside to get some fresh air. I took my beloved camera with me and went walking around the lot snapping pictures and hunting for the perfect “photo set”. This place of course requires that there hasn’t been raining during the day. But at least I’m back~

And gosh – I love wearing my lovely dog print shirt from the 5×5 collection of Bik Bok.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


People might not get why I bother wearing false lashes almost everyday.

The thing is, they are just as essential to me as mascara is to you.

Or your morning coffee or something. I’m just too used to it. Frankly, I think my eyes looks small without it. Still, I am fully capable of NOT using them. I choose to wear them, like I chose to be a vegetarian.

So, enough of the rambling. New lovely lashes came to be in the mail today! Soooo happy I don’t have to bother with old worn out lashes anymore. they are so gorgeous and different from what I’ve used before. 3 different styles – 3 different looks~

Style 1: Small but divided and lovely

These are a lot like the previous ones I had from Diamond, but these are shorter. Great for a more natural daily look, although I am a fan of exaggerated lashes I think these are lovely.

Style 2: Small to bigger lashes on the outer edge

These are kind of the same style as the ones above, just that the lashes on the outer edge gets bigger. And they are a tad bit longer. Which means they’ll give a but more dramatic look. I adore them!

Style 3: Big lashes in the middle -  long lashes on the outer edge!

I’ve never had lashes like these, but I’ve always wanted to try them. I am really curious about what look they’ll give my eyes. I love how they’re not only made with bigger lashes in the middle, but they also get longer the closer to the outer edge they get. Must give a really diva look~! Can’t wait to try.

the question now is, which style to try first tomorrow? And what the hell am I still doing awake!?

XXXXX ([]u[])y


China, Hong kong and home


Finally, the shoes I ordered on eBay has arrived! Yes, they’re from China and Hong Kong. I am soon going to feel the wonder of walking in shoes that actually fits. Got shoe size 35 (US5), which is like non-existing at shoes stores here.

And I got a package from mom~! I really dunno which one to get first… I can’t carry them all.

XXXXX ([]ü[])/


If it's an Illusion, Tell me now.

Ah, I finally got them. Well it’s actually around 5 days since they finally arrived in my post box. I’m just so caught up in exam and the “I-don’t-want-to-but-I-Have-too”-feeling, I forgot about it a little. I’m over worked and am slowly burning out, this causes me to just stare out in the air countless of times during the day. Which again is causing me to lose working time.

Oh, it’s just 2 weeks left and I can count myself as a free soul again. I’m manage somehow! I bet I’m not the only having exam nerves right now anyways.

Well, back to the 20 pairs of love which only cost be about 150 NOK, Whom I purchased through my shopping mad lover = Ebay. Galstar is my addiction, Yesstyle is my crush, but Ebay is my lover. The one that can provide me with love for a penny. Lol.

Anyways, with 20 pairs of love I mean 20 new pair of lashes. In two different styles~ One type is like my previous ones just way thicker and with much more volume, while the pair I’m wearing in these pics is more divided in parts, giving that lovely dolly look.

Either way these two styles are more extreme and noticeable than my first ones. As I am a sucker for things that are more extreme, I was starting to get bored with the “Natural” looking ones. Pictures of me wearing the others will come, one day I’m not pulling an allnighter like I did on sunday, when I did test them out.

Seriously, I miss having time for make-up…. gah, 2 weeks, just 2 weeks!

XXXXX ([]_[])y~~