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Organize thoughts and accessorize!

I realize I have been very vague about whats going on in my life. I never been the kind of person who tell much about whats in my head, but I never thought writing it down would be any problem. But I am picking up some hits that I don’t tell much. Okay, now I’m just sounding way to serious.

Yes, my head has been a pretty soup of mess ever since I found out that I was going to the UK. I’ve had a hard time finding out myself what my head is thinking. But I am finally about to realize that I am here, that I have registered at the local university at Wolverhampton, that I am going to finish my BA in Interior design in about 9 months. Wow!

And here I am strolling around in my own bubble in a town where people driving sit in the wrong side of the car, and drive at the totally wrong side of the road. Where the cashier at the grocery store ask if I’m okay and calls me love or dear.

It's all so surrealistic.

I might have been confident about my education and choosing to study abroad, but honestly, I never thought I had the guts to do this. I still don’t know. I’m a shy person. And when I have to speak another language than my native one, I’m definitely shy! Oh my, I guess I’m just freaking out a bit here.

Welcome week at the Uni is starting tomorrow – I am going to meet people! I am going to get a ton of information in english. Some time during the night I better turn into a sponge so I could just suck it all up without problem. But hey, some part deep down in me is hell of excited for tomorrow.

And another part is quite happy I managed to type some of my thoughts down. For the first time I feel like I’m writing to someone out there. I like it. Oh, I better get some sleep so I’m fully recharged for tomorrow.

In the mean time, do enjoy my cute accessorize organizer!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

All the stuff I read, and all the stuff I drink.

Some pictures I took last monday while studying for my history test in WW2, saddly I became sick. But still, these pictures do resemble how it looks around me when I study for upcoming tests. A mess of papers, books, notebooks, pens, cups with different beverages and so on. Yes,  a cup of coffee and a big cup of tea is very important while studying. Saddly a bottle of sparkling wather is missing!

My desk will look something like this later on today, when I sit down to get ready for my upcoming mock exam in math. I really do hope this will be my last test in that subject. I am crossing fingers and everything I have that I wont be picked for math exam. I rather have NO and NO sidelanguage….

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

School is making life too busy~!

I am sorry for not updating much lately, but I am prioritising my upcoming tests before my blog. It’s just how it is now during april and may. School is just way to busy. I had an NO test today, I have a science test tomorrow, an essay day on monday and a history test on Tuesday. I also have another essay day on monday after next week. Then I have a whole day test in math sometime after that.

AND after that the exam periods begins.

Anyways, this week has been pretty intense, and the start of next week wont be any better. I would love to shoot some outfit pics today (because I love my outfit) but right now I’m just way to tired after studying in science. But I hope to get better tomorrow, or that I’ll be able to update some during the weekend.

 And that I'll get time to take more pictures around town soon.

I am just being the big geek that I am, studying hard and forgetting everything else~

(PS.: Old tags, because its old pictures)
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

1st of March – You see, I designed that~

I’m really sorry for neglecting my blog lately, just been quite busy these past days~! Or at least this monday and today. My 2 weeks of practical training has started, and I am safely working at an architect office. Due to the fact that it takes 45 mins to walk there and that work time is from 08:00-15.30, and that I am enjoying myself so much I work overtime, I get home pretty late. It’s so easy working overtime when you’re trying out a new drawing program and get carried away designing a pattern for tiles~

Well, then it’s training, or dishes to do, and dinner to make, friends to be with, other stuff to do and so on. And lets not forget that I get up at 05:30~! So I’m usually so god damn tired at evenings that I can’t bother blogging.

Still, I’ll try to update as often as I can~! I’ve been so tired today so I really SHOULD be in bed now but my conscience wouldn’t allow me. It’s my own fault that I’m tired, I dyed my hair last night instead of getting in bed early. The parts that where previously bleached and dyed yellow and started to show, and it was quite embarrassing having really golden parts when the rest was cold blonde.

And this is the result~ It really isn’t that brown-ish, although it got darker than I intended. It will wash out a bit. Still, I love it~ It’s so natural, it’s not one pure colour, it got all kinds of shine to it depending on the light. Cold, warm, golden, red, grey-ish you name it. Natural~

Oh well, got to get to bed now, God night~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~