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When Must-Haves gives you Issues

Don’t you just hate it when you find something you just GOT to have, and then you just don’t know which color to choose? I find myself having this issue often. Its hard to choose a color, when I so easily can picture myself wearing them all.

Like the colors grey, charcoal, khaki and white. 

This sweater is representing the college look I’m starting to seriously love, and the edgy look that I always carve for. I almost cried when the colors I wanted to have got sold out. Yes, colors. Guess what? They are all back in stock and I’m back to having trouble choosing color. Seriously; gray, khaki or ivory?

I had the same issue with this knitted tunic

But I have finally settled with green (because beige is sold out). Knitted tops just belong to fall fashion, this is the only one I have spotted that I want so far.. Just imagine how comfy it must be. I am purchasing this before it gets sold out again~!

And I am going to purchase these in the light colour

I will be well prepared for a cold winter in Trondheim!



Beautiful Colors

I love fall and its color. I know I have mentioned it before. This almost makes me miss Trondheim, but it’s just as colorful and inspirational here at home too. There’s even snow in the mountain tops. Must be one of the few things I miss when I’m in Trondheim. Mountains. Still, I treasure this park a lot.

XXXXX ([]u[])~


Fall is comming

Finally, fall has started making its presence. Why finally? Because I love fall. When the leaves in the trees change into all those lovely and warm colours. When that steam in front of your mouth tells you that it has indeed gotten colder. The change is so massive, so drastic and noticeable. I just love it.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~