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Last Christmas

Sitting here trying to find some motivation to work, and whats better than reliving last christmas and looking forward to this years christmas break. Because going home for christmas is really the best award I can get for finishing my work. Looking at it that way I feel I HAVE to work hard to finish.

Oh last christmas was so amazing~! But I am realizing how little pictures I took, and how little I edited. This year I a going to take loads of photo, post like crazy and memorize everything tight into my bone. This year is extra special because I am further away than normally. I am in a situation where I’m not only looking forward to go home, I am also looking forward to get back to Norway. I am also missing a lot of people this year, usually it’s just a few. And I miss someone really really dear to me, M. It makes the going-home-for-christmas-feeling extra strong.

So here's some pictures from last year christmas and new year~!


Lights in Trondheim, so beautiful~


Snow on the mountains, just barely~! (I hope there will be loads of 
snow this year!)


Making gingerbread Gardvik style! There is no little christmas eve 
without :)


Decorated gingerbread :)


Kitten curious on the presents ~


Lovely Christmas decoration.


There's no Christmas break without visiting LeLe!


New years eve, decoration has gone white :)


Team Gardvik making circles :)


Best family (Me, Mum, Dad & little brother, 
but my sister is missing, she was in France)


XXXXX ([]u[])y~



Travling by train is so damn uncomfortable

I have never been so happy to get out of the train before as I was early at 9.15 this morning. The train travel have been the hottest and most irritable one in my life. So fresh air in my lungs was very much needed, so good. And it was so good to see my mum again, who had driven all the way up to pick me up.

After walking around in some shops I finally got home and did exactly what I had planned all the time. Crashing on the couch safe at mum & dads place. I got joined by two cats I believe was glad to see me again. Strange how attached you get to animals, even after you have moved away from home~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Game Night

My spot in the couch these days~

Here I enjoy my breakfast and cup of morning coffee, made of this rears christmas coffee. It’s also where I spend hours roaming around on the internet doing nothing useful. I should probably start sitting by the dining/kitchen table and start studying on my history test.

And we never get tired of christmas decoration pictures~

I think I love taking and editing them too.

There is something about the atmosphere in pictures from christmas holiday. Something extra. There is peace and joy and so much more on them.

Us kids bought a game called Geni for the entire family for christmas

So we had a tiny game night yesterday, and it was fun.

Now I’m eating homemade candy I got from my best friend, and waiting for the clock to hit a quarter past five. Around then I have to be ready to get out. My sister is visiting one of her friends, and so am I.  I am really looking forward to spend some time with my dear dear friend, Lele.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~   –    EdgyPop

Merry Christmas~!

Just as the title says, Merry Christmas to all of you out there!

Bloggers, blogg readers, friends & family. I hope all you have a wonderful time. I’m just waiting for my nail polish to dry, then I’m going to jump in my dress, do my hair and make-up and be ready for dinner~ I am so looking forward to have my family gathered around the table, sitting there having a blast for hours.

Decorated gingerbread and making of dessert~!

Our decorated christmas tree and one of our lovely cats~

As a kid I thought the time at the dinner table was like an eternity, and I just couldn’t wait until we would start opening the present. As a young adult, I have learned to cherish and love these hours. I am really happy for us as a family, that we are able to gather together and have a joyful evening like this. No matter where we have been located during studies, or if we have been sick or worried about family. I am really happy for the christmas days we are able to enjoy together. I could probably say this over and over again in different ways, because I am so grateful.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~    EdgyPop

Happy Dogs

When little girls try to teach you about fashion..

.... You just smile and let them teach.

It’s tradition to gather at my aunt on December the 20th, on her birthday. At least it is for me~ Its a great opportunity to meet a part of my family when I’m home. One of my nieces daughter decided to teach me about fashion. Told me my shoes where rocker-ish, that I had patterned tights that where in and so much more. She was cute.

I'm not that great with kids, I just get awkward and stuff.

She kept asking questions and wouldn’t believe me when I told I lived in Trondheim. What on earth was I doing there without my mum to protect me. Told me about burglars and stuff. Kids these days. Oh well, I ate cake and had a really nice time.

Now I'm gonna go to bed, hoping no cats will wake me during the night.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~    EdgyPop