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Who says I can’t wear denim shorts during winter?

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It’s really cold outside these days, but that wont stop me from wearing my favorite denim shorts. Nope, never. Just wear two pair of tights and some overknees, and ta-dah~ And of course, wear a thick jacket that goes beneath your bum. Love the deep dull red color of the flannel shirt in contrast to the bright and light denim shorts.

And of course, the lovely tights with starts... again.

Now, I’m trying to convince myself to hit the gym. Just to get started. I need to feel awake and healthy. I’m not sick anymore, and I can’t blame my laziness on my missing mp3 player any more. I found it in a rather un-clever place. My SLR camera bag….

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

As I Travel Along the Road

My school bag is awesome isn't it? Cutest ever~


I love how my new bag match my boots so good, and I also adore my new hat. I always wanted a bit cuter and rounder hat, rather than those biiig shaper ones. Also nice to wear something else that my caps for once. The beige flannel shirt is really comfortable, I like the feeling of the fabric.

Late night blogging huh? Going to bed asap! G’nite, sweeties.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~