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Morning Visitors.

I don’t mind getting up early in the morning if it is to see cue squirrels playing around in the backyard. I think they fancied all the leaves lying around. I really enjoyed using 5 mins in the morning watching them play, and of course trying to take pictures of them.

After a while our stray cat, which is a regular guest here, thought it was funny to watch the squirrel couple too. But the squirrels clearly disagreed to having a hungry cat watching them, and thought standing totally still on the fence would protect them before they decided it was safer to run away.

Gotta love mornings like this~!


XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Silver Elephant

Yesterday I meet up with two old friends I havent seen in a while.

It was great, it’s lovely how it’s just like old times when we get to gether. First we ordered coffee at a café, I of course got my favorite chilli coffee. Then we went wandering around shopping, two of us doing so without buying because we were broke, and one of us shopping clothes for a music festival they both are going to attend to. Then one went home and I went eating and wandering around the city with the other. It was lovely!

So, basically I’m not broke, I just don’t want to buy anything just to get more to pack… But I just couldn’t stop myself when we came across a 2 for 1 sale at a store with lovely rings. So I got the two in the picture above for 80NOK. Love the silver elephant~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Ice cream in the sun~

Finally~! I got to eat my favorite ice cream in the sun yesterday!

There’s a shopping mal in town that just got the best ice cream ever, which I don’t eat very often because it is a bit pricy. But after a long day inside trying to pack, but not at all doing so, I got my boy to walk with me over to the mal. Because I really really wanted that ice cream. I’m pretty sure I haven’t eaten it since my friend Lele lived in town last year/spring. Soo soo yummi~!

Also, its hard to take pictures with someone who’s taller than you, I kept cutting his head of no matter how high I lifted the camera. He also kept talking or laughing, but I was determined to get a good shot of us together. (I’m not so sure how much he approves of me posting this, but I don’t care~)

XXXXX ([]u[])/~<3

“Ut på tur, aldri sur!”

It has become a tradition for me to visit and sleep over at my best friend’s place every time I’m home for the holidays. This time I was invited out for fun and a nice time around the campfire with her family. Had such a nice time, and it was really lovely to get to spend some time outdoor. And there was food and sweets for everyone, for us grown ups and for the little ones. At the last pictures we are looking really lovely with our hats, scarfs and sunglasses.

As always, the time we spent together went by to fast and I’m home again. Tonight its applecake and quiz on the menu with the family. Looking forward to it~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

My mouth is not a fan of spicy food, but I am.

Just wanted to share a picture before going to bed.

I was supposed to blog this earlier but I fell a sleep like 3 times. I have never ever experienced tiredness like this. It was almost scary. I hope I’ll be better tomorrow. Back to the picture, on friday I went out eating mexican food. I’m not sure, but it’s probably the first time eating mexican. Except for the crazy spicy rice it was delicious! Its been a while since I’ve eaten scampi.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Saturday Went by too Fast~

silly face is silly. These pictures were taken in a hurry~


Dolled and dressed up at saturday just because I felt like it, specially when it comes to my make-up. The top is new and I absolutely love it, simple yet so stylish. Also, went to a classmate with my friend at the evening and had a little home party. It was really nice, and I feel I’ve gotten to know my classmate better. She’s so adorable~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~          -  EdgyPop

Do you remember when we….

.. had fun when I came visiting you during christmas break, Live-chan?

When we went shopping, and went to the stable so I could meet with Rigel and other horses? Yeah, it was fun. It’s always fun spending time with you. We derp around with our own kind of humor and laugh so hard.

So here's a few pictures from then~

Horses~! Not so sure how to spell their names tho... *hint to Liv*

The first one kept stretching its neck and making weird faces at me! Well, technically not grimaces but it gave me this creepy huge-eyed stare. I almost thought it wanted to eat my camera. Probably just curious. The dark one was way to busy with his food, and the kids with food to pay attention to me. So I only got this shoot from the side. Pretty horses~

Then we got back, we met this cute and quite happy dog!

Aaalso, there was this genius balloon thingy on their living room and Liv decided to show me how awesome it was. So she drove it around the house, and I was running around like paparazzi trying to get some cool shots.

Freaking awesome balloon shark out on at trip:

Well, that was two awesome days! Sadly I don’t have any pictures of us, besides a pretty awful picture of me derping in her bed(don’t even ask for it). I really need to get better at taking pictures of myself and the people I’m with when we’re together.

Oh well, break from studying is over! Need to go over the chapter once more before the test tomorrow.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~         -EdgyPop

A Litte bit of everything

Walking around in Oslo and seeing lot of cool stuff~

Finally found some time to blog a few pictures from my last day in Oslo, when I went there for a weekend. We went to this awesome market where stands sold a lot of different stuff. It was pretty awesome, as said.

Saw this awesome pink Christmas tree on our way to the marked~

These necklaces were so pretty! I regret not buying one..

Then we went to the roof of Operahuset once again. The scenery there is sooo pretty and since I had with my SLR this time, I just had to go there again. The light was perfect to. Love all the pictures I took there.

When the light is right it's so beautiful~

It must be one of my favorite places in Oslo. I love the view, the buildings around, just everything. Oh and I really adored all the christmas decorations that where up already. It was almost romantic walking beneath it all.

Ah, I got this christmas feeling so big I don't know what to do~

Okay that’s a lie. I have a lot to do before I travel home tomorrow. One thing is writing a packing list to make sure I don’t forget anything. Then I have to o through what I have packed.  Deciding what clothes to take with me is always the hardest part. I want to dress up all through christmas break. I don’t want to be just regular.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~   – EdgyPop