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Electric Shock~

I think I’ve had this song on replay almost the whole day. I have always loved f(x)‘s funky and freshness. I have kind of missed them since “Hot Summer”. Which is still a favorite by them. But “Electric Shock” is addictive, and will probably take the number one spot. If it’s even possible they have become even fresher!

Just love the scene, the dorkyness and the feel of this video. Also adore their outfits, even if some of them are a bit awkward at first sight. They take their own style far, but not too far in my eyes. Then again, I have always loved awkwardness. Also, the sound is what’s making it totally addictive.

And I just got to say that I love that Amber has some singing parts in this, not only rap parts as usual. Go Amber~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

MusicPop: Week 6 – Drink up!

So now I’m basically just waiting for my landlord to pick up the phone so I can say that I’m ready to hand the key’s in, then I’m out of this place. Feels nice! What do I do while I wait? Well I am searching for mp3’s of my new loves to download, and I’m roaming around in my music as usual.

New Luv: 2Pm – Hands Up

2PM, I just love you. I have no words for this, it’s just brilliant! The mood is addictive, the song is catchy, the dance is just as amazing as ever, and their hairstyle is fab! YES, I am hooked on their hairstyle.  Shame on everyone who think this is a copy of GD&TOP’s High High, I’m a hardcore fan of that song, and I totally see the difference!

This weeks Kpop: F(x) – hot summer

Yup, I know I posted this yesterday, but it totally is this week K-pop song. I have played it soooo much since it came out. And I gonna keep raping it till… I don’t know..! I just can’t get tired of it, it seems. This song is probably gonna remind me of this summer later on.

This weeks JPop/Rock: Alice nine –  gemini-0-eternal

I seriously love these songs, I’ve been playing them a lot during cleaning this place. By these songs I mean that this continues into Gemini-I and II. It’s just amazing to listen to all 3, but they still work just as good separately.

Hooked on:

Lady Gaga

Another Lady Gaga song! I’ve been listening to this for a while, and it just kept growing on me, so far that now when I play it I totally sing along.


I first listened to this in english and was like “no,hell no!”, then I listened to the korean version of it an went totally “yess yess yess!”


I am totally rediscovering a lot of jrock songs, and rock songs in general. I’ve forgotten how much I love this one!

Ah, well, should try calling my landlord again!

XXXXX ([]o[])/


Handsome Moving

I have spent the last days mostly just packing aaand packing. At one point I was really worried that it was too much. That the firm would say “we can’t take all that”. I wonder why I always thing such stupid things. Still, this totally looks like a lot:   Okay looking at the pictures it doesn’t look like much, but it totally did IRL! Or I’m just really really tiny or something. Anyways, tiny me had to move all the stuff outdoors before the help came. I am so glad I have trained a lot of strength these past 6 months.

I got finished before schedule so I decided to take my guitar out and just strum on it for a bit, I haven’t played it in ages. Hardly remember anything, but then again, jamming is my thing. So I was sitting on the big white trash can when a huge van came driving with two good-looking guys. Classic.

Handsome moving help was handsome, strong hand shakes indeed, and my stuff actually looked pretty tiny inside the van. Oh, what the fuck was I worrying about, seriously. Everything went by smooth.

Except for the fact that the port to the my sister place was quite difficult to get up. It took all three of us to figure it out. WELL, just the cleaning part left then I’m out!

And just 1 day and 19 hours til I’m in Oslo~

XXXXX ([]w[])y~