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Game Night

My spot in the couch these days~

Here I enjoy my breakfast and cup of morning coffee, made of this rears christmas coffee. It’s also where I spend hours roaming around on the internet doing nothing useful. I should probably start sitting by the dining/kitchen table and start studying on my history test.

And we never get tired of christmas decoration pictures~

I think I love taking and editing them too.

There is something about the atmosphere in pictures from christmas holiday. Something extra. There is peace and joy and so much more on them.

Us kids bought a game called Geni for the entire family for christmas

So we had a tiny game night yesterday, and it was fun.

Now I’m eating homemade candy I got from my best friend, and waiting for the clock to hit a quarter past five. Around then I have to be ready to get out. My sister is visiting one of her friends, and so am I.  I am really looking forward to spend some time with my dear dear friend, Lele.

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