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Perfect jeans in pastel colors!

These shorts deserves so many pictures-they're absolutely fabulous!

So after drinking a coffee at Choco Boco café with a friend I didn’t hesitate at all when she asked me to join her for some shopping. And I am so glad we went to the big Gina Tricot store in the city. After a lot of goofing around and discussing weird pieces of clothing, and me saying “PINK” every time I saw something pink, I came over these shorts in lovely pastel colors. Light purple, light pink and mint green. The three color I dream about every night, because it’s the color I want to dress up in this summer. So I grabbed the 3 of them and hitt the fitting room.

Gosh, I have never ever in my life worn so cheep shorts that fits my ass me so perfectly! Not even the demin shorts I purchased last summer for about 300NOK I think is equally comfortable to wear. These where really REALLY comfortable, and costed only 150 NOK each. There weren’t any other option, I had to buy all 3 of them.

And yes I am so amazed by these shorts I am dedicated an entire blog post to them. They really deserves the “perfect jeans” tag. I am so exited to wear one of them tomorrow! Which one to start with? I might want to do an all pink outfit with my pink lace shirt from Galstar…!

XXXXX ([]u[])/


Last day of Last year

What I wore at New Years Eve~

It’s also what I shopped at Gina Tricot when I went to Bodø to visit Live-chan during christmas break. The shorts is actually high-waisted, it’s just hidden beneath the awesome knitted sweater I just couldn’t leave without.

 Love how the dark fabric is at the wrist, and not on the elbows~

Ah, finally back to daily life and routines. School today was tiresome, studying for upcoming test isn’t easy when all you want to do is sleep. BUT, nice meeting my classmates again~

Now I need to unpack my stuff, and get back to studying for that damn test tomorrow!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~       - EdgyPop

Knitted Love

Lately, I’ve been spotting pieces of clothes I want more than whats healthy for my wallet! Okay, I still got lots of spare money on another account, but thats what it is, SPARE MONEY. Can’t use them all up on shopping. Or? It is after all money that I have earned. I always get worried if I spend over 500 NOK on clothes. Always…

I can’t be the only one with that problem? Maybe I’m just so used to saving money, that my brain can’t proceed whats happening when I spend them. Haha… Oh well, I want knitted sweaters and white/striped/patterned shirts to have beneath. I’ve always thought that those two goes hand in hand.

Oh, there's so much I want right now ...

1. Grey knit top from SUGAR BLACK, 2. Dotted shirt from Galstar
3. Moa Knittet sweater from GT,4.Patricia Blouse from GT
5. Striped shirt from Galstar, 6. Appliqué Knit top from Tokyo Fashion
7. Knitted Sweater from H&M, 8. Lu Knit sweater in beige from Weekday
9. Eva Tunic from GT.

XXXXX ([]u[])/