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The Evening

Christmas Eve was really lovely~

I think I enjoyed myself so much I forgot to take any pictures. I took some, and my sister took some, but in generally we mostly forgot about it. We ate christmas dinner, had dessert, talked & discussed a lot like usual. The clock was over half past nine before we finally started to unpack the presents.

This is the best outfit picture I got, ofc I am making grimaces.

Wearing such white dress was pretty scary, I was so scared of spilling wine on it, and eventually I did. It wasn’t much, so the stain went away.

I got a lot of useful presents, pretty accessorizes and new books to read. I am really happy with getting the new book, 1Q84, by Haruki Murakami.

So thank you all, for the presents~!

Curious cat is very curious on the biggest presents~

Afterwards we had a round of quiz, reading and answering questions until the most of us was so tired (or a bit influenced by alcohol) we couldn’t answer anymore. I was so damn tired when I went to bed. And so damn annoyed when the storm woke me up 4 hours later. Strong wind, hail hitting the windows and lighting & thunder.

Not the most christmas-ish weather outside, but still having a great time.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~     –  EdgyPop

Where There’s Always Friday

Oslo day 1: Technically it was day two, but since I arrived late the day before I count Friday as the first day in Oslo. Sadly I didn’t take many pictures during the trip. Once again I’m gonna blame it on being laptop free, but also the tiny memory card I have on my SLR. So I was quite selective with what I took pictures of.

But when you go out eating with a friend, you take pictures~

Specially when the place is pretty awesome, I loved it!

The interior was pretty well planned, even the reflections in the mirror match with whats on the wall behind. I  was pretty amazed. And I ate the strongest Bruchetta I’ve ever eaten. So much garlic! My mouth is pretty sensitive when it comes to strong food.

But it tasted so good I had to eat it all~

Ever been at Friday’s? Well, if you haven’t you should go there. Even the uniforms the waitress wore amazed me. Maybe I’m just not that used to places with a well-executed concept, or I just love unit places way to much.

I’m struggling to remember what we did that day since it’s a while ago. I think we went to my friends school since she had an errand there, then we went eating and walking around. At the evening we meet up with my buddy cuz I had a photoshoot-deal with him. Later on we went home and watched a Kaizers Orchestra Live Dvd. My BFF is so hooked on them, its cute~

Okay, so I guess I did a few things during that day after all. It was a lovely day. Going to Oslo for me isn’t about rushing around, doing shopping, seeing this and seeing that. I go there because of the place, and my friends living there. I like how I can just travel to that city and feel relaxed.

But I also didn’t do much shopping because I couldn’t afford it…..

XXXXX ([]u[])// – EdgyPop

When BFF’s Meets

Cups of coffee in their proper place, between conversations..

My good friend and fellow blogger and hobby photographer Lele. When we get together we can talk and talk and time just fly by. Still, its amazing how many different things we get time to talk about. I just love talking with her, because mostly we agree on stuff we discus. If we disagree we accept each others meanings.

Yes, its good to talk with her. I can tell her about my issues, complain about my life in Trondheim without her, because no one is like her. I don’t have anyone to discuss make-up with in Trondheim. Neither do I got anyone to discuss fashion, music, styles, hair-do’s and hair-don’ts. I just don’t got anyone down there with equal interest in these stuff.

It makes me miss her even more. Isn't she pretty?

She’s a proud owner of a Sony SLR camera, and of course we talk about photographing, editing pictures, and blogging. We told each others stories about when we should have had our SLR’s with us, we told each other which settings we used in different situations and how we both are addicted to editing photos. We even discussed blog layouts.

We just got the same interests, hobbies and such that brings us closer

And somewhere in all the talking we ended up making tea too~

Its moments like this that makes me realise that I’m living so far away from people I love, trust and rely on. Yet, I should be complaining or dreading to go back to Trondheim because I still got lovely friends down there. It’s just that BFF’S is hard to be away from.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~