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Starting December with some Inspiration: Scawaii

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One day I realized that I was just putting on clothes in the morning without no proper thoughts of composing a proper outfit, and that I hated it. I absolutely felt horrified, because it didn’t sound like me at all. And after talking about gyaru fashion with the norwegian j-fashion community I figured that I would start picking up inspiration from japanese fashion magazines again.

And so I did, starting with Scawaii december edition, to find a bunch of outfits that fits what I want to wear in december. Over sized knits, fake leather pants, tops with leather patches, blazers, high-waisted shorts, over knees, dark colors and cool hats.

Just love it~


XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Its (almost) summer time~!

Finally, its June. A new moth needs new inspiration, and as always I like to share some from japanese magazines. Starting with my favorite, Happie Nuts~! I am really used to the magazine focusing on dark colors, even tho spring and summer comes and they put more bright and light colors in their magazine, this issue is surprisingly light. Loving it ~

Above: I really love the color if the dress/jumpsuit/top&shors or whatever it is. Just adore the bright lace and the pastel fabric. I also like the shoes very much. And that skirt in the lover corner. I really really want one *w*

Below: Pastel color block? I like it. Light purple, mint green and bright yellow shoes. I would have ended up looking like an easter bunny, but this looks quite nice.

Above: Just love love love that black tights and the pink shirt with cut-out shoulders.

Below: Is it me or don’t they usually use a warm tone of brown for make-up? Anyways, I like this cold-toned make-up a lot.

Above: Adorable outfits in light colors, I like it~! Like tha variation too.

Below: Oh, the outfit with those cute pink shorts and the beige jacket. I really like the combination, and I envy her hair so much. Also, patterned shoes seems to be really in this summer!

Above: Hairstyles for summer~! I am going to get better at wearing my hats this season. I am also glad to see that the scarf is still a popular accessorize, I know I will be using mine a lot more when the sunny weather sets in. I just feel like they belong together, the sun and the scarf, it makes me feel a bit like a gypsy.

Below: I know I have said that I didn’t like the maxi-dress or maxi-skirt trend, and I really regret it. Oh yes!! I saw it coming some weeks ago, now I am finding myself drooling at the maxi-dress(or skirt?!) below with adorable flowers in warm colors. I might try to get a maxi-skirt or something.

Well, I have learnt my lesson.

Never say I don’t like a style, it might back-fire me. But I can always be sceptic to it before it happens. Anyways, loving this issuez~! I am actually more inspired to let the gyaru style be more than just inspiration now, than what I have before. No, I am not going to go gyaru, but I am going to try to learn more from the style I guess.

Also a little update on the my health situation. I finally went to the doctor yesterday, and I was right. It’s just a virus and I paid sour money afterwards. But its nice to know, now I don’t have to be worried. I just need to let it pass. Really… I suck at being sick, or not 100% well. But I have decided to not work out until after my last exam. I don’t want to risk getting a fever on the day of my oral exam, that would really suck.

Anyways~ Last “normal” day at school today. Yay~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Just as colorful as the surroundings ~

Me behind the desk at the local handcrafts shop~ Just for fun, where no customers inside right then. I think this must be my most colorful outfit during easter break. Just as colorful as the store.

I have also been pretty tired of using lashes lately, but the 3 past day’s I have been wearing them every day. It goes up and down, but this time the down period have been pretty long. I have been serious considering if I would ever bother to wear lashes any more. All  I needed was just to fall on love with a simple style of gyaru make-up and some simple but a bit dramatic pair of lashes. Love them~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Go Happie Nuts, and be inspired for March~

March issue of Happie nuts have been so awesome in many ways!

One of them is the fact that I’ve actually held it in my hands when I visited my friend during winter break. Another is the heavy make-up styles, one of my favorite things about the magazine in general. And that there was some focus on nails – I havent seen much of before. Got to share some of it~

I absolutely love this make-up and tutorial, I might have to try to follow it for once. Not just love what i see. A bit lighter eyeshadow than what I’m fond of, but the heavy eyeliner and lashes compensate for it. Also love the light pink lips in contrast of the framed eyes.

Adore these outfits, so edgy and stylish~ I need to get hold on tights with dotted pattern, and maybe try to give fishnet stocking another try? I also might have to consider finding the perfect denim jacket for spring season instead of the perfect leather jacket!

I wonder how I am supposed to dress up in lighter colors when all I love and get inspired by is dark colors. Love the outfit with the denim shorts matched with a black blazer, and the over-sized top matched with the floral patterned pants. I also like the outfit with the brown over-knee boots, it’s a bit more layering than what I’m fond of. Sounds crazy, eh? I used to be the queen of layers before. I still love every piece of clothing she is wearing tho!

XXXXX ([]u[])/

Should the Eyeliner Go Up, Down or Straight?

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Just a batch of make-up inspiration~!

Pictures not mine, found on Tumblr, Galstar and LJ~

I’m getting very confused by all the styles of make-up I want to do.

Some days I’m more inspired by gyaru, but others my littke k-pop/Ulzzang fan kick in. And other days I just get lazy because I can’t choose. Well, inspiration always help, and I think T-ara and their song Lovey Dovey spiked my interest in doing more heavy makeup again~

I love wearing heavy eyemakup wether is monday, friday og saturday. Just love it. And I am a really big fan of draging the size of the eye outwards with the eyeliner wether its gyaru-ish or more kpop inspired.

Think I’ll purchase some new lashes to get me going again.

Because I have this issue with my upper lashes being short and my bottom lashes too long. Hence why I never use false bottom lashes.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~      -  EdgyPop

Jelly Christmas

Jelly December 2011 Edition~
Credit as tagged and to Jmagazinescans @ LJ

Remember how I wrote earlier about how my style had changed without my usual input. Well, it’s changing back. It’s remarkable how much your inspiration affects you! Hence why I think it’s so important to look for it. What would I be without inspiration? What would you be?

I love this edition of Jelly, the colors and the combinations are stunningly awesome.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~    EdgyPop

I Have Missed You

Happie Nuts December 2011 edition~
Credit as tagged and to Jmagazinescans @ LJ

Yes, I have missed finding inspiration in J-fashion magazines. To be honest, without it my style has changed into more of a South Korean style of fashion. I need my input of J-fashion! So yeah, Happie Nuts was pretty much the first magazine I got hold on.

Still finding a lot of preppy outfits and looks, makes my geeky heart happy!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~ – EdgyPop

Inspiration Injection: HN 08

Relaxing on the balcony means looking through magazines for inspiration, and what else to look at than my favorite magazine; Happie Nuts? They always got these crashed denim pants looks, wide tops and weird but cool combinations I’m so found of.

Not mine. Credit as tagged!

I’m gonna say something crazy now, because I’ve always hated maxi-dresses and maxi-skirts. When it comes to the skirts, Happie Nuts is making me love them. I didn’t like the wide lace pants either, but galstar got some with slimmer legs that I really would like to purchase.

XXXXX ([]w[])y~


Inspiration Injection: Scawaii July Edition

Scawaii is yet another magazine I have abandoned, thinking it wasn’t appealing to me. How wrong could I be? Recently I have opened me eyes a lot when it comes to fashion and inspiration. Who said you can only take inspiration from stuff that’s similar to you?

I see inspiration in many things. Although it’s not something I would dress in, outfit in styles that difference from me could still stimulate my eyes, and stir my brain to start reshaping elements. So Scawaii, I giving you another chance.

Always give a second chance apparently. You could get surprised. Patterns, contrasts and tees with prints what was greeted me in Scawaii, and I loved it.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Inspiration Injection: Blenda June Edition.

You know me, I like to find inspiration even if I’m not following the gyaru style 100%. Of course I look else where too, but there’s no style or fashion that inspire me more. It got lots of varieties and is in constant change. At the same time you wont get outdated to fast, you just need to adjust the combination.

It might be a little late to talk about the June edition of Blenda now, but I haven’t had a chance to see it until recently. I have stopped reading it for a while, and thought I should start again. Anyways after going through it I found some favorite looks with keywords like: knitted, white, shorts, denim, glasses, wedges and braiding.

It’s pretty much whats been in lately, and what’s been on my mind a lot the past month.  I am just missing knitted clothes and wedges. Knitted because I’m not a fan of it, and wedges because I couldn’t afford it until know. I got my eyes on some perfect ones, just waiting for the eBay store to open again on 15th of July.

Ofc, by reading I mean looking. I hardly know the katakana system, and just started on hiragana, and kanji? No chance. So until I can read, it’s just looking. Still, looking trough these magazines, gives a lot of inspiration to learn the language too.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~