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Mock Exam Lazy Look.


Really love the one yellow stripe on my top matching the cap~

This outfit is both lazy and totally not. Because I had mock exam in math today I opted for a laid back and lazy outfit with comfortable harem pants and a comfy top. Almost wearing no accessories too, no rings, bracelets or earrings. Whats making this outfit not so lazy after all is the make-up. Because this morning I had time to put on lashes and lipstick. And when I have time I do it. Haven’t worn lashes on a regular day in ages~!

Totally made my day, or most of it. This evening made my day. (But what made it is a secret). And here’s another song I’m hooked on!

Scream, ah ah ah ah~!
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Pink Lace, Grey leopard and a sporty jacket


This is a big mix of everything, but it all goes together because of the colors. Guess I’m a little bit inspired by the concept of dressing up in something formal and something casual. The shirt being the formal item, and the baseball jacket being the casual one. The harem pants goes somewhere in between. It goes with both lazy casual looks and more chic and formal looks. Love it so much~

Also, I like how well my cupcake necklace goes with the shirt! They’re like made for each other.

XXXXX ([]u[])/~


Oh, Oh, Sometimes I get good feeling yeah~ 


On Tuesday was the final day of the depth study project and when we were going to hand it in. So I opted for a comfy outfit with my favorite harem pants and a loose sweater. And I finally got to take my cowboy boots out from the closet to use again, since most of the snow/ice on the ground is gone. YAY!  I originally had my hair up in a knot, but I celebrated the hand-in of the project with a visit to my hairdresser. Getting my fringe and original hairstyle back.

I am sorry for random and irregular updates lately. Hopefully I’m be back with more update since I’m done with that damn project on twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I love twitter. I just need to be able to talk and read without analyzing tweets and thinking “This and that on twitter is…” all the time.

And I finally got a weekend without having to think about schoolwork. Gonna relax and be lazy a lot~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

It’s Harem Friendly!

Well, I had a visit over this weekend. Lena came on saturday and stayed over until sunday. We had a lot of fun, and we surely did a lot of fangirling over kpop artists. We were both happy that we finally had someone to share that interest with. It really was a great weekend, and I have some pictures of some fine smoothie we made, which I’ll post later.

On Saturday we met at Ørnes to check out Liv og Røre, and the few stores we got. Of course I ended up doing some shopping, it’s so easy to fall in the trap when its sale everywhere.

So I got a new addition to my collection of harem pants. So far I got 3, YEY. I thought this was the coolest pants ever, but no one does agree with me. Mum thinks they’re horrible. I love them. They really look like some old-style underpants, so weird and cool.

I also came over some great black boots, and I’ve been meaning to get new ones. It’s been a while since I had black ones, so when I found one pair in my “size” I had to purchase them. With “size” I mean size 36. I really use size 35, which you can only get in the child department.

They don’t fit me perfectly, but is comfortable enough to use. They are by far the most harem pants friendly boots I ever had. Just made to be combined with such pants! Love them~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


3rd of January – Must-Have-List

Finally finished the StylePop page at my blog~ I was supposed to do it ages ago but I just couldn’t bother, so of course I decide to spend the evening after almost no sleep making collages in Photoshop. I was so tired at one point I don’t know what to say, I’m amazed that I didn’t fall asleep on the keyboard. Anyways the Must-Have-List is done~

“I officially love harem pants, I wonder why it took me so long to like them. Now I just can’t live without them. I got a black one which I got….”

Of course you have to go to the page to see the whole update~ I’ll try hard to keep that page updated somehow, but it wont be that often. Maybe once or twice a month? Oh, well see. And I am thinking about changing the PicturPop page to MusicPop. Just because it seems a little pointless right now. I rather have a page which shows what kind of music I am addicted to right now. I usually just post about new findings and releases in my blog.

Anyways, won’t be doing that tonight. I am really tired and I’m just going to eat and go to bed ASAP~~

Edit: Oh, btw. This is how my list actually ended up:

1. Yoga Training

2. Shower/eat/get dressed

3. Send an email to an old teacher

– Went shopping with mum

(4. Send emails to possible places for internship)

(5. Start making a portfolio)

6. Make some picture collages for my blog

XXXXX ([]u[])y~