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Skull, feathers & heels~


From Tuesday when the weather was clear and sunny, today we can hardly see anything around us. We can see the mist traveling past the houses, its kinda weird but finny. At least we got two days with sun, so I don’t mind much. I got to wear my favorite denim shorts (the only one!) and my favorite tee, love how they look together.

Inspired by my lovely friend, Lele, I decided to try out a new hairdo – and wow how comfortable it is to wear! I absolutely adore how cute and chic it is, and how easy it is to make as long as you have a hair-donut to help you.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Leopard in the sun~

Sunny weather means that I can go outdoors and take outfit pictures, and its so much more fun! I have found two spots to use. Typical of me to find them right before I leave home. And, did I mention sunny weather? YES, it finally came yesterday. Must be the first time I wore my bikini and tanned for over a month.

That says it all about how bad the weather it has been.

Yesterday I decided to dress up some, and combined my asymmetrical skirt with a cropped top. Love how it turned out! Also tied a scarf around my hair, and putt my hair up in a high ponytail.


I just love that last pictures so I just had to share it too.

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“The Only Real Elegance is in the Mind”

If you've got that, the rest really comes from it. - Diana Vreeland
Photos from here, I only edited the pics a little~

I suddely felt that I needed some elegant inspiration. I wish my style was more elegant and classic, more chic and girly. But I have this undying love for edgy rocker-ish and sporty style. I also can’t afford to have such a mixed wardrobe. Well, maybe one day~

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Pretty and Painfull

I swear these are the most painful shores I've ever walked in~

But I love them so much, I just have to force myself to wear them sometimes. I have the believe that if I use them often enough I will get used to them. Walking in them is fine, but after a while my ankles starts hurting badly. I love them too much to care!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Oversized Pretty Shoes

Because my favorite shoe store at eBay is currently closed since the seller is away, I decided to order a pair from Makiko’s online shop. I find japanese shoe sizes to be awkward and difficult to understand. After sending and email and asking about it I decided to get the smallest size.

Apparently, size s isn’t around 35-36 as they told me but rather 36-37. They aren’t way to big, I can walk in them, but I get  my finger between my heel and the shoe. A bit sad, because these pair of shoes are amazing. I love the design of them.

They are kinda gladiator-ish, just with a new twist. They’re also not flats, which I’ve always hated about gladiator shoes.


XXXXX ([]u[])y~~