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Tiring History

Mh, I’ve been quite efficient today. Considering I’ve spent the previous night on a train, sitting in a chair awkwardly for hours. I managed to get through school, and I even managed to study for the upcoming history test on Wednesday, during my free time between lessons.

Now what I didn’t manage so well was staying up all day. When I got home I was in a very big need of a power nap. So power nap it was. The only issue I got with power naps is that they don’t seem to work on me. So while trying to study some more everything else became much more interesting.

Like my hair dangling from my face down into the book...

Then suddenly, I was screwed... 

and I had two choices: To fall asleep in my book, or to do something else. So what else is there to do when you’re supposed to study? Well… Camera +book= Amateur photographing fun.

I decided to abuse my history book.

Oh sweet revenge for abusing my fall break....

Well, I was saved from boredom/tiredness when my sister later on came on a visit. Talking with her is fun. We talk more freely than before, and I like to think we have come closer as sisters and friends. We ordered a bunch of teas from Pukka Herbs, can’t wait for them to come~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Being Serious or…

Yeah, I am trying to be. I am trying to take school seriously and be a good student (or nerd) and do my homework. Still, someday the mood isn’t quite there, and I’m rather in a rather goofy-happy-giddy-ish mood. So this is basically a post about me trolling while doing homework.

Or drinking tea instead of doing homework, depends on how you look at it. Although, I can announce that I’m done with home work except the part where I need a dictionary. Which I don’t have, but I am hoping to find when I go home for the holidays~

Now I’m going to relax with music and slowly get ready for a workout session in about an hour~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~