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Instagram Part X

I’ve been a little tired at the evenings after work, but today I thought it was time for an instagram update again. So here’s update 10! They are from 23.06 to 26.06. As always, click on the numbers so see each pictures in bigger versions. Enjoy~!

  • 1. Made coffee and enjoyed life by the sea
  • 2. Enjoyed my cup of coffee made on the bonfire
  • 3. Finally got to use the lovely top
  • 4. Bonfire at 01:30AM

  • 5. Coffee in the sun
  • 6. Star ice cubes
  • 7. Star ice cubes in my ice tea on a sunny day
  • 8. Made iced coffee one hot day~

  • 9. A cup of hot tea one chilly night
  • 10. Matching
  • 11.Wore my skeleton t-shirt a day, it had been a while:)
  • 12. Downloaded a game and got addicted. Now I’ve stopped playing it.

  • 13. Details: Pink, black and purple
  • 14. Favorite ring~
  • 15. Two other favorites. An owl and a turquoise one.
  • 16. Face shot of simple make-up.

  • 17. Coffee, like water in the morning.
  • 18. Make-up and hair one day, a bit indian/boho inspired.
  • 19. Single eye make-up shot~!
  • 20. Quick meal one day: Pink and green noodles.
XXXXX ([]u[])

Coffee and ice~

Yesterday’s snack to the afternoon coffee was 3 small and cute chocolate ice creams. Bounty, Mars and Snickers. Hot weather just does something to me, I start carving sweet things. And when I don’t carve for sweet things I carve for salty food. But strangely enough, hot weather or not – I need my coffee. When it’s too warm for hot coffee, I cool it off and put some ice cubes in it.

Basically making iced coffee - delishious~!

I also decided to do some yoga out in the sun yesterday. There was a thin layer of clouds in front of the sun so it wasn’t too hot. It’s been a while since last time I trained to Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown, I feel it in my back and the back of my thighs today. The muscles there are stiff in some awkward way.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~