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I Have Missed You

Happie Nuts December 2011 edition~
Credit as tagged and to Jmagazinescans @ LJ

Yes, I have missed finding inspiration in J-fashion magazines. To be honest, without it my style has changed into more of a South Korean style of fashion. I need my input of J-fashion! So yeah, Happie Nuts was pretty much the first magazine I got hold on.

Still finding a lot of preppy outfits and looks, makes my geeky heart happy!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~ – EdgyPop


Inspiration Injection: Happie Nuts September Edition

It’s about time to share some inspiration once again. Happie Nuts really is my favorite magazine, with all its cool and different outfits, styles and styling tips. I can’t stress that fact enough. Here’s some of my fav inspo’s from this issue:

Credit as tagged.

I wish I just had a closet full of these outfits, I really like the styles and make-up tutorials in this issue.

Right now I’m gonna get ready to hang out with my sister. We’re planning to head out and eat pizza, just gonna chill and chat~! It’s going to be sweet.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


19th of April – Military or Geek?

I am so thorn between two different styles lately. I am really hooked on military colours and elements. Like Khaki green, I can’t put it down in words how much I love this colour! White, Grey and Black is also great colours to dress in, and lately I’ve been starting to like brown. I don’t need to describe military elements do I? Buttons, shoulder pads, thorn jeans and more~

But then we have my love for this geeky school girl/boy look. Which I’ve always have been taking in elements of in my style. Like nerd glasses, I just can’t live without them. Or suspenders which is a great detail over t-shirts or other tops. And of course the look you get when you put whatever you’re wearing above down in your jeans or pants. So I squealed a bit when I downloaded May’s issue of Popteen and found a lot of this geeky look~

Ah, so cuuute~ I’m beginning to realize that I need jeans shorts WITH suspenders. I need more shorts which actually fit my body form a bit better. Well, it isn’t summer yet so I could probably prioritize jeans before shorts.

So now the big question is: can you dress geeky & military inspired at the same time? Can I work both of the style, or will it split my wardrobe and give me style issues again?

XXXXX ([]w[])y~


4th of April – Love Na Na Na Na~

I don’t believe its meant for me to have time to live a normal life this week. I’ve lost so much time on my project by being sick, and now I’m gonna lose the whole next weekend to~ It’s a happy event, my student organisation is going on a trip, mostly to celebrate ourselves, so I don’t mind. Still, I’m feeling the stress coming.

Well, just to stress down a bit I made myself a cup of tea and downloaded some new fashion magazines. Found some lovely inspiration~ Fell in love with a new magazine, Blenda. Also got the hold on Scawaii hair arrangement book, and what did I see? Lots and lots if braiding styles. Who would have known? Coincidence? I found it funny. Guess I have to learn some new styles!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~