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Starting December with some Inspiration: Scawaii

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One day I realized that I was just putting on clothes in the morning without no proper thoughts of composing a proper outfit, and that I hated it. I absolutely felt horrified, because it didn’t sound like me at all. And after talking about gyaru fashion with the norwegian j-fashion community I figured that I would start picking up inspiration from japanese fashion magazines again.

And so I did, starting with Scawaii december edition, to find a bunch of outfits that fits what I want to wear in december. Over sized knits, fake leather pants, tops with leather patches, blazers, high-waisted shorts, over knees, dark colors and cool hats.

Just love it~


XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Wants & Life ~



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1. Two colored message shirt. 2. Chiffon shirt with collar details.
3. Fake leather skirt w/star studs.  4. Baroque patterned t-shirt.
5. Cross patterned t-shirt/one-piece  6. Shoulder studs Dolman top

1. Tailored collar jacket  2. Cross & studded 3/4 sleeved top. 
3. Studs & print t-shirt  4. Asymmetric top w/studs & other details.

1. Long sleeved top with colored metallic paint drops.  
2. Studded military shirt.

The last two pieces is totally the ones I’m drooling the most on. So many wants from GALSTAR right now~! I would just love to get the top with metallic paint drops in grey, but I’m trying hard to not buy anything as I’m leaving for England in one week. Actually, in one week from now I’ll be sitting in either a hotel room or the house we are trying to get a signed deal on. And I bet I will be freaking out.

Anyways, I really do hope some of these still is available when I get settled and can order from GALSTAR again.

Right now I am enjoying being in Trondheim where I have studied for 3 years already. I am staying at M’s place and spending the time with friends, going to the gym and of course spending as much time with M as possible~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Its (almost) summer time~!

Finally, its June. A new moth needs new inspiration, and as always I like to share some from japanese magazines. Starting with my favorite, Happie Nuts~! I am really used to the magazine focusing on dark colors, even tho spring and summer comes and they put more bright and light colors in their magazine, this issue is surprisingly light. Loving it ~

Above: I really love the color if the dress/jumpsuit/top&shors or whatever it is. Just adore the bright lace and the pastel fabric. I also like the shoes very much. And that skirt in the lover corner. I really really want one *w*

Below: Pastel color block? I like it. Light purple, mint green and bright yellow shoes. I would have ended up looking like an easter bunny, but this looks quite nice.

Above: Just love love love that black tights and the pink shirt with cut-out shoulders.

Below: Is it me or don’t they usually use a warm tone of brown for make-up? Anyways, I like this cold-toned make-up a lot.

Above: Adorable outfits in light colors, I like it~! Like tha variation too.

Below: Oh, the outfit with those cute pink shorts and the beige jacket. I really like the combination, and I envy her hair so much. Also, patterned shoes seems to be really in this summer!

Above: Hairstyles for summer~! I am going to get better at wearing my hats this season. I am also glad to see that the scarf is still a popular accessorize, I know I will be using mine a lot more when the sunny weather sets in. I just feel like they belong together, the sun and the scarf, it makes me feel a bit like a gypsy.

Below: I know I have said that I didn’t like the maxi-dress or maxi-skirt trend, and I really regret it. Oh yes!! I saw it coming some weeks ago, now I am finding myself drooling at the maxi-dress(or skirt?!) below with adorable flowers in warm colors. I might try to get a maxi-skirt or something.

Well, I have learnt my lesson.

Never say I don’t like a style, it might back-fire me. But I can always be sceptic to it before it happens. Anyways, loving this issuez~! I am actually more inspired to let the gyaru style be more than just inspiration now, than what I have before. No, I am not going to go gyaru, but I am going to try to learn more from the style I guess.

Also a little update on the my health situation. I finally went to the doctor yesterday, and I was right. It’s just a virus and I paid sour money afterwards. But its nice to know, now I don’t have to be worried. I just need to let it pass. Really… I suck at being sick, or not 100% well. But I have decided to not work out until after my last exam. I don’t want to risk getting a fever on the day of my oral exam, that would really suck.

Anyways~ Last “normal” day at school today. Yay~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


A litte bit delayed Jelly March Inspiration

Mh, another week and another tired monday. I can’t quite concentrate today about anything, all my thoughts circulate straight back to fashion, a certain someone and the fact that I’m traveling home for Easter Break on thursday. I also have a need to be inspired right now, I need something that gets me going. Inspiration is like fuel to me. Which is why I love the march edition of Jelly, adore all the different photo series they had. Specially the one where they stand on tables. So simple, but pretty cool~

XXXXX ([]u[])t~

I have never been so happy spending 500NOK on clothes before

That's right. Those two shirts was absolutely worth every single penny!

Well, technically I didn’t pay in penny, and technically they didn’t cost me 500NOK. 398NOK for the shirts + shipping from japan, + 102NOK because of Norway’s stupid import fees. Still all worth it!

This shirt is absolutely fabulous. The color is really light pastel pink, and I feel so feminine and girly in it. And I absolutely love the lace pattern and how its a totally see-through shirt. I need to get hold on some strapless bra-tops-ishy things, preferably in black, white and pink. Need to go on a hunt tomorrow. Oh, and the fabric is really comfortable. I was so afraid that it would itch, some lace fabrics tends to.

I also absolutely love how stiff the collar is! It stays in shape.

This one is a totally classic and feminine chiffon shirt. So elegant with the pieces of fabric across the chest and those cute golden buttons. This will look so awesome and good with all the high-waisted shorts I got, and not to mention how it would match up with my weekday jeans.

Oh, I really just can’t wait to dress up and coordinate outfits with these. Which one to start with for tomorrow? Lace or chiffon? Pink or creamy white?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Monday: All the things I want

I shouldn’t spend so much time looking through Galstars’s online store, specially not since I’m getting a package from them today with two beautiful shirts (hopefully). But there’s so many things I want, and they’re all either lace, chiffon or see-through, or black, white or pink! I just love the femininity of these fabrics, cuts and details.

As for the colors, black, white and pastel pink might be the colors that’s going to sneak their way into my style this spring/season. I can probably add mint green to that to. But let’s be honest, I can’t afford all this, and some of the items is bound to be sold out pretty soon. I just can’t decide what to prioritize first~!

Well, so these are all the things I currently want fashion vise.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


I don’t think I can ever get enough shirts in my closet.

I was originally getting up early to work on my NO dept study essay, but I got a bit occupied with drooling on clothes at my favorite shop, Galstar. And I came over these 3 shirts I just got to have!

The red one here is sold out sadly, the bordeaux color looks amazing~

But the other colors looks good too, hm mocha, green and/or black?

This lace shirt is so cute, I got to have it in pink! And white....

The black one here is sold out, but I don't mind I want it in white~!

Gosh these shirts, I want them so much. I got like 6 shirts already in my closet, but apparently I want at least 5 more. Which color to get is always the hardest thing choosing, making me want the two first ones in different colors.  Yay or Nay? Buy or save money?

XXXXX ([]u[])/

Start the new year inspired to be UNIQUE

Jelly January 2012 edition; Credit as tagged and to Jmagazinescans @ LJ
I couldn’t do without inspiration. Honestly, none of us can.

We might not notice it but we all get inspired though our day. I like to seek out inspiration, which is why I look into fashion magazines. Not to follow the trend, but to get inspired.

If I had the money to go shopping clothes and trends I find, I would love to do so. But then I wouldn’t be unique, and most important; I wouldn’t be me. I also don’t have the money to go around shopping every month when a new magazines hit the stores. Still, I love to feel inspired to try something new, and I believe that’s why I enjoy looking at japanese fashion magazines more than Western.

It's like they encourage me to be unique.

Some might say that it’s just the same, and that it shows the same over and over again. Well, I say, read whats in the final pictures. Combination, the poses, the differences in culture and behavior.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~      – EdgyPop

Jelly Christmas

Jelly December 2011 Edition~
Credit as tagged and to Jmagazinescans @ LJ

Remember how I wrote earlier about how my style had changed without my usual input. Well, it’s changing back. It’s remarkable how much your inspiration affects you! Hence why I think it’s so important to look for it. What would I be without inspiration? What would you be?

I love this edition of Jelly, the colors and the combinations are stunningly awesome.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~    EdgyPop

Right on Spot!

Guess who squealed when she saw the knitted knee-highs?

Credit as tagged & to Laurita.ch

Knee-highs and shorts everywhere! I’m so happy with that, loads of delicious preppy inspiration to find in the november issue.

Oh, Happie Nuts is such an amazing magazine in my eyes, its pretty hard to choose JUST 6 pages to post here. Since they’re not my scan I’m trying not to post to many. But you know where you’ll find the rest~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~