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So sit back relax and Enjoy the Show

Jay Park - The man with that wonderful voice.

I have to agree to every one who has said it before; whether he sings or rap, his voice is really unique. And I love how he express himself, the sounds and everything that comes with his rap. Specially that ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne part during Enjoy The show. I love singing it, I get these happy butterflies in my stomach when I do so.

Oh yes it gets stuck in my head.
It's a really playful song - I love how 2ne1 mentioned in this~

Up and down is also one of my favorites from Jay Park’s new album «New Breed Part 1.», oh yeah I am totally anticipating part 2. Like how it sneaks it way up to the chorus and goes of with a really enjoyable beat. Ironically enough, it is the song that comes after Enjoy The show.

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Music To Pop: Week 3 – So Jiggy~

I listen to music a lot, like 70% of the day when I’m not with friends or have classes, I listen to music. Of course it’s great with a break and silence now and then, but I can assure you they’re really short breaks. Lately it seems like I never turn of Itunes, it only is when I shut down my laptop. When I’m not playing my own lists, which is like listening to a radio (7000 songs gives that feeling), I listen on HelloKpop or Maerong Radio or surf around YouTube to find new songs. Which Just make’s the amount of songs on my laptop rise.

Oh well, let’s get on with the list shall we?

New Luv: 2Ne1 – Lonely

No one else deserve this spot right now. I’ve blogged a little about this song before, and it’s so beautiful it won’t hurt to do it again. Because 2ne1 is my girls, the #1 female kpop group that I’ll always support and love. There’s just something about them that keeps me attached to them. I love their aggressive style, and powerful ways of singing, but I’m happy to hear a song which really show their talent naturally.

This weeks Kpop: SuJu – What if

This is definitely this weeks kpop song, or better, ballad. After seeing this performance of the ballad, ‘What If” has been replayed and replayed a lot. The more I play it the more I love it. I can’t really explain it why I would fall for this type of song so hard, other than that’s there’s 4 singers with great voices whom I respect a lot that sings it. And it gives me goosebumps. Especially Sungmin‘s parts, the one who comes in last.

This weeks JPop/Rock: Ayumi – Microphone

Ayumi is and will always be my #1 female idol, oh I admire her so much. Shockingly enough I  haven’t played her songs in a while, but lately Microphone has been going on repeat. This is in my opinion one of her best “rock” songs, and that pipe organ play in the beginning is such a lovely contrast. Just to sad I couldn’t find a full version of the song on YT.

Hooked on:


I kept hearing the intro and the jiggy phrase somewhere in one of the remixes I listened to, it never occurred to me that it was F.Cuz. I can still remember it like it was yesterday when I found their mv for “No one”. I love F.Cuz, I really hope they come back soon. Because I wanna see more of this:

Oh the intro and the first verse is so perfect, and when the chorus break out I melt, but its the second verse and the beat it has that really gets me.

Jay Park:

What can I say, I love this guy, I love his voice and I love his dance skills. It took me a while after the release before I listened to this. I don’t know why, I should just have done it right away. There’s so many parts in this song that I love it’s hard for me to comprehend and type right.


Mblaq has been doing really good since debuting in japan, and I love hearing them singing japanese. Although I listen to mostly kpop, japanese is still the language that send chills down my back. They just sound so incredible smooth, well I guess they always have, but smoother. They sound different in a good way at least. And I like how well they have adapted to the japanese music industry.

XXXXX ([*]w[*])y~~


Details On The Brain

I recently blogged about time passing by like a storm, but today has been a slow day. Every time I felt like I had worked for hours I would look at the clock and see that only 5-10 minutes had passed by. Still, when the school closed and working hours where over, time had yet again managed to do a sneaky jump. So weird, and very very playful, time is.

Still, I had a quite slow morning. Spent the first hours just slowly preparing to wake up, eating break fast and reading k-pop news. No, I don’t read the news paper or check the news on internet as I drink my morning coffee. It’s k-pop all the way through my zips, baby. Okay, some J-rock every now and then. Then I go on trying to decide what to wear, and it was quite hard this morning because I wanted to wear my green jeans no matter what.

These are my “Problem Jeans”, or at least what I decided to label them. I hardly wear them, but I can’t throw them away because in my eyes they’re awesome. With the right coloured t-shirt, or with that perfect lose jumper. The only problem has been that I don’t have any of those, until now.

This is one of my newest purchases once again, went with Lele to H&M one day and just couldn’t leave without this. Because it was leopard patterned, grey and is made of such comfy textile is pure joy to wear it. Oh, and it’s loose so it match up with my problem jeans easily! Two pieces of comfy clothes going hand-in-hand. About time!

This outfit is the perfect example of how much of a detail freak I am. I have white nail polish, earrings and there’s a white chain on my necklace. Which there’s also a green one + that hair pin with a green bow matching with my jeans. At last I’m wearing a pair of grey nerd glasses who matches my top and the gray pair of shoes I wore today. Detail freak, I tell you.

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