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Dogs & Outdoors


Due to the lack of dressing up there has been more or less none outfit post coming from me this summer. The reason behind is because I am working as a cleaner for almost 5 weeks how, and have been set on dressing practical for work. I don’t want to wear my beloved shirts and ruin them at work. And I don’t think it’s properly to dress up in high-waisted shorts.

But today I was sick and tired of being practical so I wore jeans at work, and it went just fine! After work I decided to doll up a little in order to stay awake, and go outside to get some fresh air. I took my beloved camera with me and went walking around the lot snapping pictures and hunting for the perfect “photo set”. This place of course requires that there hasn’t been raining during the day. But at least I’m back~

And gosh – I love wearing my lovely dog print shirt from the 5×5 collection of Bik Bok.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Perfect jeans in pastel colors!

These shorts deserves so many pictures-they're absolutely fabulous!

So after drinking a coffee at Choco Boco café with a friend I didn’t hesitate at all when she asked me to join her for some shopping. And I am so glad we went to the big Gina Tricot store in the city. After a lot of goofing around and discussing weird pieces of clothing, and me saying “PINK” every time I saw something pink, I came over these shorts in lovely pastel colors. Light purple, light pink and mint green. The three color I dream about every night, because it’s the color I want to dress up in this summer. So I grabbed the 3 of them and hitt the fitting room.

Gosh, I have never ever in my life worn so cheep shorts that fits my ass me so perfectly! Not even the demin shorts I purchased last summer for about 300NOK I think is equally comfortable to wear. These where really REALLY comfortable, and costed only 150 NOK each. There weren’t any other option, I had to buy all 3 of them.

And yes I am so amazed by these shorts I am dedicated an entire blog post to them. They really deserves the “perfect jeans” tag. I am so exited to wear one of them tomorrow! Which one to start with? I might want to do an all pink outfit with my pink lace shirt from Galstar…!

XXXXX ([]u[])/


Bright blue and hot pink~


My kinda color block outfit, inspired by the style at least. I had my period of dressing up in bright colors many years ago, and I still have some bright pieces of clothing in my closet. Like these bright blue jeans. I just love the vibrant contrast with that and my hot pink lipstick and accessories. On top of it all a pair of really blue nerd glasses and a lazy-hairbun. Simply love the contrast between the glasses and the lipstic~

I am not about to go crazy with 3 different bright colors and such, it is not something I can pull of or feel comfortable in. But the color block style look awesome on the people who do it right. I’ll just stick to two colors, besides I am more hooked on pastel colors.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Being a King in Navy Blue


I love this deep and rich navy blue color a lot, and I totally like how I can match the caps, t-shirt and jacket together like this. And I just had to take it further and wear blue eyeshadow too. Tacky? Too much? No, not at all, but I think it’s the first time I’ve ever worn blue eyeshadow. I’ve always thought that blue eyes and blue eyeshadow was weird and pointless. Apparently, I’ve stopped thinking that.

Its nice to try something new. Believe it or not, there are things I haven’t tried because I don’t dare or am a bit worried about the reaction. But sometimes you just have to do it.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

I dream strange things when I’m half awake…


Yesterday was one of those days, when I’m just so tired I don’t plan on doing anything. Maybe there was a part of me that was able to relax fully now that I’ve handed in my depth study. So I totally opted for a simple outfit with jeans and a top. Nothing extraordinary or anything.

I fell asleep on the couch, then I tried finish the book I’m reading but weren’t able to read the 30 pages I got left without falling asleep again. In other words, I went to bed pretty early last night. Today when I woke up half past nine I burrowed myself in the sheets and was like “aaah, weekend~! Just gonna be lazy in my bed for another hour and half”.. Ended up having a pretty strange science-fiction dream…

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Hey, I am Wearing a Black Sweater

I think it’s a long time since I’ve owned and even dressed up on a black sweater. I like how the shininess of the sweater is matching the black stripe on this jeans. Actually very rare of me to just dress up in a sweater and a pair of jeans. I usually like to have a few layers, which reminds me that this sweater needs to be dressed with a white shirt underneath! Would be awesome.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

If I had a pony, it would be pink~

So I tried to combine this awesome sweater with jeans this time.

Yah, totally irrelevant header, but I couldn’t come up with a better one at the time~ Still, it’s totally true, if I had a pony, it would be pink, just as the rest of my stuff… Anyways, back to my place, means I’m back to having these awesome curtains as a background.

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Leopard necklaces and bracelet all the way~

And I am noticing now that I am missing earrings… I must have been really tired this morning! Well, its pretty hard getting back to early morning routines after such a nice break. I just tied my hair up to wash my face, and when I looked in the mirror afterwards I thought it was pretty okay for a hairdo.  Its nice to do a looser hairbun some times.

Oh, by the way! My friend Lele had a pretty genius idea, or be precise, she got it from a magazine. Still, her way of doing it is amazing~ its a tips to get more effective through the day – to Get things done, a.k.a. GTD. It’s is about making list and write everything down, all you got to do, want to do, need to by, need to remember. School, life, for meetings ect. I used to do this school wise before, can’t get why I stopped with it!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~     - EdgyPop