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Skeleton and ethnic


Ah, what would a girls life be without cheap internet shopping and packages in the mail? It’s really what I love with Galstar, I can get 3 pieces from them for what 1 piece of clothing costs in Norway.

The tee is super fab, isn’t it? The color is amazing! The ethnic tunic is going to be Soo cool with tights and boots. The USA print tunic too~

XXXXX ([]w[])

23rd of March – Heartbeat Cut

I wore my pink lenses at school yesterday, and I was really really REALLY satisfied with my make-up .Got a few tricks and twists to do now to give this type of make-up my style~ My roommate actually told my that I was freaky. I went like “whoot, what do you mean?”, and she shouted back “YOUR EYES”. I take that as a compliment~ My eyes just seemed so fucking huuuuuuge that day.

Big picture woho~ Well, Wednesday today, which mean that I was at my hairdresser today. Can’t even begin to describe how much I’ve missed my undercut and fringe. I was like a little kid waiting for christmas in that chair. Did I ever mention that H2 Portobello is the coolest hair saloon in town? The interior is just fucking amazing. I love it every time I’m there~ Also, the service is pretty good. In addition to hair wash, cut and styling I got massage, coffee, faris, candy and help with my extensions~!

Loook, fringe <33 Oh, and my last order from GALSTAR finally arrived on monday, and yesterday I found the weather to be nice enough to walk to the post store and get it. Best cardigan ever! Thin but really comfy, and so warm~ Now I finally have a long one colored cardigan~

I like this tunic veeery much. It’s design is clean but still cool and the back is so cute~ That skull and the text “Lovablle ” I know, two LL’s. IDK if it’s on purpose or a miss. Still, it’s cool~ Finishing this post with 2PM’s Heartbeat, which have been going a lot on repeat lately. Zombie dance FTW~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



15th of March – With Fur on the head!

Well, it’s another busy week but I’m back at school and it feels a bit good. It’s project collaboration week with the first year students and IRL clients~! Although I’m satisfied with being back at school I kinda miss my internship place. I forgot to tell you, but they were so kind and gave me this bracelet as a thanks for the help. I wish the period was longer than two weeks, I could have learned so much more by being there longer~

Moving on, I’ve been waiting for days for this order to arrive that was shipped on Monday last week. My previous experiences told me that I would have it before the weekend but no, I was disappointed again and again when I checked my post box. Not today, it had finally arrived~!

I am totally satisfied with my purchase once again, Galstar has so many awesome clothes that just fit my style good. And look, white and grey? The colors I love the most at the moment. I also once again really surprised how soft and comfortable the textiles are~ Here’s how they look on:

Luuuuuve them~ Now, I really need to purchase some short singles. At least to match up with the grey top, which I am so looking forward to matching up with my harem pants. Well, need to check my budget? But honestly I’m doing fine, went over 400 NOK in ++++ last month. Which I’m really surprised by because I purchased a lot (clothes, yoga mat, step counter, make-up +).

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


11th of February – This Makes Me Wanna Dance~

Honestly, there is no one that uses the doorbell at our place, if so we already know who it is because we have planned to meet at our place. So I was pretty surprised when I heard the doorbell this morning, and I wasn’t expecting anyone. Lele doesn’t use to doorbell. If it had been my sister I would have known. I was even more surprised when I opened the door and it was the post man. Usually I get my post in the mail box, I’ve never gotten any package on the door before~

Guess what this is? Clues: EMS, Japanese, Light, 1690 yen, from GALSTAR. What more is there to say than – YES, it’s the top I ordered some days ago. It says that it was shipped on the 8th of February. So pretty fast delivery, eh?

Lovely, eh?

Yanno what the best is? It’s so comfortable on~ It would have been perfect it if was just a tiny bit smaller, but still love how it fits. I’m a bit short for with its open back my pants or tights will show. I love this sooooo much~!

The front~

The back – pure love!

I am definitely buying more from GALSTAR, because I am really satisfied with the price, service, shipping and delivery. I got my list of do-wants from their shop, and as long as the items is available I’ll buy them. Of course with some time between, so I wont have to live on the streets or anything. I got great economy around this time of the year~

Areia’s remixes is really worth checking out~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~