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What happens when you visit a good friend

As you may (or not) know, I am back at my place in Trondheim. And as you may (or not) know, during the days I spent at my home place I also visited my cutest and sweetest friend. You know how conversations just goes on and on because you can talk about anything? And how you can spend time together in silence just because it doesn’t bother you? And that a lot of different things happen when you’re with THAT friend.

Well.. Here's how those days went by~

We drank coffee. A LOT. Morning, mid-day, after dinner, in the evening.

Had a groggy and early morning, sooo tired, not functioning properly...

Took pictures, talked about cameras and broken lenses, cam-whored.

Had serious conversations, talking about life,problems and school issues.

Stared at and tried to take pictures of not-so-willingly fishes.

Talked fashion, spring wardrobes wishes and colors

Had joyful conversations about life, rabbits, happenings and pinkness

Chopped and ate pineapples, had fun with the slices...

And made smoothie of it, orange and berries of course~

And took pictures of snails on a trip up the walls of its world.

Well, that’s what went on in a very simplified way. I just love spending time with my friends, being carefree, letting the conversations just flow freely. While talking with my friend I realized how much I relax when I’m at my home place, how its kind of my zen and meditate centre. And I realized that wherever I end up living in this world – I’ll always come back here to recharge and relax.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Coffee, Wheat bun & Joy

Oslo day 2: Hm, I really didn’t take much pictures this day. I guess I was busy shopping! I was hunting for a new knitted sweater but ended up with a new skirt! I never end up buying what I actually aimed for. Oh well. Got me a new Monki skirt. Its lovely. I posted a picture of it on twitter. It will probably end up in some outfit pictures soon for those who missed it.

We also went to this cute cafe/bakery thingy, so nice~

Everything was so cute, the huge buns the decorations~

Not-over-the-top cute, just cute. I have no I idea what the place was called anymore, I should ask my friend. It was a perfect place to sit down and have a friendly chat. While we sat there a woman came and asked me where I had bought my shirt. I was wearing my lovely dog shirt~ She really liked it.

I miss going out and drinking Café Latte with friends, I’m only drinking black coffee these days. The biggest effect of being a student. Oh well.. I miss Oslo, I miss my friend Live, so so much. I’m looking forward to meeting her, and Hilde and other friends again during my Christmas break!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~ – EdgyPop