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After a series of bad events, something good has to happen.


Yesterday I had many things I wanted to wear. I wanted to wear that brown shorts, I wanted to wear a knitted sweater, I wanted to use the hairbun helper and I wanted to wear a scarf tied like a bow around my head. I also wanted to dress up in light colors. The difficult part was managing to do so with colors that actually matched somehow.

I am quite satisfied with how well the pink lace shirt matches my light pink military inspired knitted sweater. I haven’t used it in ages. Mostly because its itchy and require a shirt underneath. I had also pretty much forgotten about the brown shorts because it had drowned in the bottom of my laundry. And although my outfit worked out pretty well, yesterday was a trouble some day. I got late to school, forgot my headset, forgot my food. I forgot to bring my wallet with me when I went to buy me food. And when someone came over to make my day better, I started to nosebleed.

Just.. so not my day yesterday.

And today I overslept, because I fell asleep again after the alarms went of. Maybe this just isn’t my week at all? Oh well, I have decided to let nothing bring me down at all. If I stay positive no matter what, this week will be forced to be a happy one eventually~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Underneath My Skin Lives an Eagle


Had a whole-day writing test this thursday, and knowing that I’ll be sitting on those painful school chairs for 5 hours trying to write something good – I dress up comfortable and warm. This time I wrote an essay about when different cultures meet, and how it has change through the year. I’ve never written an essay before, so I have no idea how it went.

This weekend I’ve been far too busy being social to blog or even tweet much. I had fun, but I really need a quiet alone-time weekend asap. Have to get through 5 schooldays first…. “Underneath these clouds there’s an ego” – Donkey Boy -City Boy

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Hello From Yesterday

Wanted to dress to be a little comfy during my all-day test this Tuesday

Yup, I love my knitted sweater so much~

Just posting my outfits from the past two days, yesterday and tuesday. Never got around to do it before now. I always have time on thursdays, short school days and rarely have plans. This time I do tho, a friend is coming over and we’re going to watch a movie.

Anyways~ I am steadily growing fond of the shirt+sweater style. I am carving more shirts, tights and knitted sweaters. Not to forget shorts. I finally wore my new shorts yesterday ( I seriously have to stop typing yestarday everytime).

It goes really well with my baseball jackets~! 

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Knitted Love

Lately, I’ve been spotting pieces of clothes I want more than whats healthy for my wallet! Okay, I still got lots of spare money on another account, but thats what it is, SPARE MONEY. Can’t use them all up on shopping. Or? It is after all money that I have earned. I always get worried if I spend over 500 NOK on clothes. Always…

I can’t be the only one with that problem? Maybe I’m just so used to saving money, that my brain can’t proceed whats happening when I spend them. Haha… Oh well, I want knitted sweaters and white/striped/patterned shirts to have beneath. I’ve always thought that those two goes hand in hand.

Oh, there's so much I want right now ...

1. Grey knit top from SUGAR BLACK, 2. Dotted shirt from Galstar
3. Moa Knittet sweater from GT,4.Patricia Blouse from GT
5. Striped shirt from Galstar, 6. Appliqué Knit top from Tokyo Fashion
7. Knitted Sweater from H&M, 8. Lu Knit sweater in beige from Weekday
9. Eva Tunic from GT.

XXXXX ([]u[])/


When Must-Haves gives you Issues

Don’t you just hate it when you find something you just GOT to have, and then you just don’t know which color to choose? I find myself having this issue often. Its hard to choose a color, when I so easily can picture myself wearing them all.

Like the colors grey, charcoal, khaki and white. 

This sweater is representing the college look I’m starting to seriously love, and the edgy look that I always carve for. I almost cried when the colors I wanted to have got sold out. Yes, colors. Guess what? They are all back in stock and I’m back to having trouble choosing color. Seriously; gray, khaki or ivory?

I had the same issue with this knitted tunic

But I have finally settled with green (because beige is sold out). Knitted tops just belong to fall fashion, this is the only one I have spotted that I want so far.. Just imagine how comfy it must be. I am purchasing this before it gets sold out again~!

And I am going to purchase these in the light colour

I will be well prepared for a cold winter in Trondheim!