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MusicPop: Week 6 – Drink up!

So now I’m basically just waiting for my landlord to pick up the phone so I can say that I’m ready to hand the key’s in, then I’m out of this place. Feels nice! What do I do while I wait? Well I am searching for mp3’s of my new loves to download, and I’m roaming around in my music as usual.

New Luv: 2Pm – Hands Up

2PM, I just love you. I have no words for this, it’s just brilliant! The mood is addictive, the song is catchy, the dance is just as amazing as ever, and their hairstyle is fab! YES, I am hooked on their hairstyle.  Shame on everyone who think this is a copy of GD&TOP’s High High, I’m a hardcore fan of that song, and I totally see the difference!

This weeks Kpop: F(x) – hot summer

Yup, I know I posted this yesterday, but it totally is this week K-pop song. I have played it soooo much since it came out. And I gonna keep raping it till… I don’t know..! I just can’t get tired of it, it seems. This song is probably gonna remind me of this summer later on.

This weeks JPop/Rock: Alice nine –  gemini-0-eternal

I seriously love these songs, I’ve been playing them a lot during cleaning this place. By these songs I mean that this continues into Gemini-I and II. It’s just amazing to listen to all 3, but they still work just as good separately.

Hooked on:

Lady Gaga

Another Lady Gaga song! I’ve been listening to this for a while, and it just kept growing on me, so far that now when I play it I totally sing along.


I first listened to this in english and was like “no,hell no!”, then I listened to the korean version of it an went totally “yess yess yess!”


I am totally rediscovering a lot of jrock songs, and rock songs in general. I’ve forgotten how much I love this one!

Ah, well, should try calling my landlord again!

XXXXX ([]o[])/



MusicPop: Week 4 – On Repeat!

Ah, why is everyone doing new releases in may? No, I’m definitively not complaining. I love searching & finding new music, so why would I when it comes to me for free? It just seems like ALL the artists have managed to make songs that catches me. That get stuck inside my head, and I replay and replay and replay without getting tired. It’s easy when it’s just 1 or two songs, but I’ve had like 5-6 songs in my head.

New Luv: B2ST – Fiction

Can you excuse me for a bit while the little fangirl inside me let out a high pitched scream? Oh, B2st I’ve always had something for you, but this, this is just hitting home at an instant. B2st has been one of the groups that I’ve listened to but haven’t paid too much attention to. Then they do this and I can’t look away or even blink. And that read head is certainly catching my eye. What is it with me and korean men with red hair? IDK.. Do I need to mention that I fucking love the choreography?

This weeks Kpop:B2ST – Back too you

Oh, yeah. Another B2ST song. There’s just something about this song that s amazing in my ears. I definitely love the start and the beat it has, and how it builds up towards the chorus and surprise me. Because I wasn’t suspecting anything up-beat and catchy. Oh it’s going on repeat right now!

This weeks JPop/Rock: D’espairsRay – Cocoon

Me and this song is like an old couple in their late years who is just as much in love as when they where newlyweds. I have a feeling that this song will never leave me. Although I have turned to the k-pop side, I still do love VK, growling, guitars and mystical lyrics with all of my heart. Karyu, that tall, skinny and long-legged guy will always be one of my favorite guitarist of all time. I just love this song, unconditionally.

Hooked on:

Lady Gaga

This song is going dangerously much on repeat. Born To Be was a big disappointment, and I was about to.. I would exactly say leave her, but something close to stop liking her. Then this came. And I’m so glad for it. Because no matter how much I hate that she looks like a 11th year old girl who has played with her mum’s make-up, she’s a genius.

Girl’s Day

There you go again, with that beat and rhythm that I find oh so deadly attractive. I should marry a DJ or a remix artist.

Super Junior M

If I were to make a movie, or decide music to a movie I wouldn’t hesitate to choose this song. I can’t help but feel that this is a perfect movie song, and of course it so insanely pretty. Why is ballads sung on Chinese so pretty? I have the feeling I’ve typed that before somewhere!

XXXXX ([]o[])/


Because of You You You

Yes, guess what finally came today?! Package from mom which I’ve been waiting for and looking forward to for days! I am so not goo at concentrating when waiting for something, especially not when it has to do with the post. I kept peeping out of the window to see if I saw the post car, and actually went checking the mail box twice before the notice that told me I got a package finally was there~~

I love getting stuff from mom! It always contain something sweet, something practical, something home-made and something to eat! Getting a bunch of socks is always practical, since I keep on losing them. Home-made potholders and oat biscuits that I love so much! And the cutest card ever~! I’m so happy now. Made my day.

I am slowly getting better, and I’m hoping that I can go to school tomorrow. I have tried to work all day, but it’s hard to concentrate at home. I just want to download new music, dance to loud music, chat with friends and such all the time. It’s also hard to stay focused when my nose is running all the time, and I know that I’m hungry but I don’t feel like eating because of my irritated throat. But time is fleeing from me again, and I really have to chase it tomorrow so school it is!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~