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15th of March – With Fur on the head!

Well, it’s another busy week but I’m back at school and it feels a bit good. It’s project collaboration week with the first year students and IRL clients~! Although I’m satisfied with being back at school I kinda miss my internship place. I forgot to tell you, but they were so kind and gave me this bracelet as a thanks for the help. I wish the period was longer than two weeks, I could have learned so much more by being there longer~

Moving on, I’ve been waiting for days for this order to arrive that was shipped on Monday last week. My previous experiences told me that I would have it before the weekend but no, I was disappointed again and again when I checked my post box. Not today, it had finally arrived~!

I am totally satisfied with my purchase once again, Galstar has so many awesome clothes that just fit my style good. And look, white and grey? The colors I love the most at the moment. I also once again really surprised how soft and comfortable the textiles are~ Here’s how they look on:

Luuuuuve them~ Now, I really need to purchase some short singles. At least to match up with the grey top, which I am so looking forward to matching up with my harem pants. Well, need to check my budget? But honestly I’m doing fine, went over 400 NOK in ++++ last month. Which I’m really surprised by because I purchased a lot (clothes, yoga mat, step counter, make-up +).

XXXXX ([]u[])y~