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The process of moving

ugh, the mess that packing creates....

Lunch break - Pizza~!

Before and after sending most of my stuff with the night train.

This was heavy to carry for tiny me

I can’t say I miss this at all. I am so glad I am finished with packing, moving and traveling. Several days of packing, over 12 hours of traveling with train and by car. I am so glad I am finally home.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Runaway weekend day 3~

Last post of my runaway weekend last week, also the last day of it. I totally had the feeling of not wanting to leave yet. I probably didn’t want the weekend to be over yet because I didn’t want to get back to school and do the last exam. Anyways, we saw a fox running across the land outside the kitchen window when we ate breakfast. It was really pretty~

Afterwards we where lazy for most of the day untill we realised we had to hurry up and tidy up the place before we left. We stressed a bit because we miscalculated how much time we would need. But we made it~! Didn’t take much pictures that day, but I just had to take some of the place as we left.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~