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Instagram XV

Huge instagram post coming up, because it’s already part 15! And because I wanted to get a little more up to date. I have posted a lot this summer, so I might need to do a huge post next time to! As always, click the number to see each pictures separate and in original size. These are from 20.07 to 29.07. Enjoy~!

  • 1. Coffee at Lele’s place.
  • 2. Outfit & make-up after work that day.
  • 3. Details~
  • 4.Hairdo: Hairbun with a scarf tied around.

  • 5. Strawberry protein shake after a workout with Lele.
  • 6. My beloved Nikon D3100 <3
  • 7. Detail of another outfit that weekend.
  • 8. Accessories~

  • 9. Early morning company, so cute!
  • 10. Home-made ice cream; Vanilla and raspberry.
  • 11. Just a picture from this blog.
  • 12. Planning my monday, best part: Skype date with M!

  • 13. Where I worked this summer!
  • 14. Wore hot pink tights at work one day.
  • 15. And ate canned pineapple slices as a snack.
  • 16. And downloaded Photo Grid, and made a collage of my weekend at Lele’s place.

  • 17. Being all pink, my top should have been pink to!
  • 18. One afternoon after work: Coffee & editing photos.
  • 19. One day at work I burned my mouth while drinking coffee…
  • 20. Gifts from mum & dads trip to France~

  • 21. One morning at work… not a good one :P
  • 22. Cute gift from France, love it~
  • 23. When I got my asymmetric leopard skirt in the mail.
  • 24. Cake!

  • (these pics is in totally wrong order! correct -> 26, 28, 25,27)
  • 25. Simple hairdo at work to get my fringe out of my eyes.
  • 26. Wore my favorite sweater just because it was Friday.
  • 27. Yummy~!
  • 28. Made waffles at work again.

  • 29. My colleague shared her Russian Ginger bread with me.
  • 30. Traveling, went to Bodø for the weekend.
  • 31. Wore my skirt <3
  • 32. :)

  • 33. Wore my black hat~
  • 34. Watched the opening if the Olympic games.
  • 35. Some of my favorite rings.
  • 36. New gets from Gina Tricot~

  • 37. A closer look at the ones with feathers.
  • 38. And the crazy long ones~!
  • 39. The end of the long ones, love it.
  • 40. And I bought a new t-shirt at Gina Tricot that weekend.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

TeamLife and other animals~


Yesterday when I got ready to meet with a friend I felt a little summer-ish and sporty! So I opted for caps and shorts. Haven’t been wearing any of my capses in a while. I also put in almost every animal rings I have… One dragon, one owl, one elephant and one with leopard print. Almost felt like a zoo.

Anyways, I went out eating with a friend at a place we both love. We have been talking about it forever, so it was about time we did it. I am starting to notice that there is many things I’ll miss in this towm, and many people. Its going to be weird to NOT live here, which I have been for the last 3 years.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Leopard Likes Flowers

Do you find it difficult to dress up when the weather is hot  but still too cold for shorts? I do, I mean I did. I solved that problem with falling in love with harem pants and purchasing one with chilling fabrics.

It’s the best pants I have for such days. When the weather can’t really decide if it’s supposed to be sunny and warm or cloudy and moderate. Or when I’m just gonna go for a short walk somewhere, like the store or when the postman comes with a package.

LOL, which reminds me that I greeted the postman today just dressed in a top barely going down below my bottom. To my offence I was sunbathing, but had the decency to dress in something and not just my bikini.

Summer gives dress-up dilemmas and un-decent moments, doesn’t it?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



21st of March – Practical OUT, stylish IN

I know, I couldn’t be pouting moreLOL.

Well it’s back to a new individual project at school~ Notice, INDIVIDUAL. I am kinda tired of working in groups. No offence. This time it’s Hotel&Lounge bar/Café. I am really surprised of how much inspiration and will power I have on this. I just want to work work and work. I hope it last all through the project. Love it~

It was totally raining horizontal today, so I should probably have worn my rain coat instead of my military jacket. It was just perfect with my outfit. Needless to say, my umbrella got raped my the wind. I can already hear my dad saying that I should dress up more practical. Sometimes practical just doesn’t work when you’re trying to do a style, or in my case, my style.


derpface approved!

Mh, I love how well the new gray top fits the harem pants~~ ([]w[])/ And no I didn’t forget to take one of the suspenders on the outside, it’s all on purpose yanno. And the hat is pure love, think I’ve been wearing it outside every day for ages now. It’s originally my roommates, but she doesn’t use it so I stole it.

OH! OH~~ I called my hairdresser today and booked an appointment on Wednesday  kl. 13.00. It’s time to get my hairstyle back~ And I think I’ll bring my extensions, so I can get them fitted.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~