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Dare to wear something bright for spring~ 


So awkward poses, I think holidays have made it awkward to do outfit shots. In other words, it has been ages sins last post. Since then I have managed to purchase a t-shirt with awesome pastel print. It was a totally impulse buy I did with a very good friend. And since I can’t walk around in uggs, because they where the only flats I had, I got me some new shoes for spring!

I have also bought a very vibrant and violet lipstick, because I saw it on my best friend back home. There is just something about sunny weather which makes me want to wear bright lipstick that I have never dared to wear before. But this summer I am doing something about it.

XXXXX ([]u[])/

Something New: Bold with wine red colored lips~


Today my eyes where red and irritated and it led me to try a new style; Dark and bold lipstick and almost zero eye make-up. I used just skin colored eyeshadow, a bit of eyeliner and mascara. It’s usually the totally opposite with me. I like bold eye make-up and neutral/light lipsticks. Nice to try something different for once~

I also got to wear one of my favorites tops form Galstar, been ages since last time! Oh, and those lovely overknees with a little ribbon at the sides. So cute and elegant ~

XXXXX ([]u[])/

Fill-up Order!

I can hear certain ppl saying "oh no, she didn't!"

But I totally did. Why aren’t we gals ever getting tired of spending money on make-up? Most of this is for filling up empty bottles and replacing old mascara that should be thrown away. The good thing about E.L.F is that when you go empty of something it doesn’t become a financial crisis because it blows your budget. You can easily afford fill-up orders.

What isn't fill-up is the two new shades of lipstick~

I love the nude color of the shade Natural Nymph, I’ve had it before, but it kinda got ruined about a year ago. It’s actually a wonder that I haven’t ordered a new one earlier, because I was quite down when it happened. I can finally have nicely nude lips again~

The red color, Royal Red, isn’t bright red but deep red with a hint of pink. I love it! I already have a deep red shaded lipstick and it can look quite brutal and hard sometimes. This shade will still give the dark look, but with a softer finish.

I also got me my standard foundation in a lighter shade~

Because I’m just not that tanned any more as I was during summer. Not that I actually was tanned, just a little sun kissed, but I’m not even that anymore! I have finally a shade that actually match my face. Now I don’t have to go being all worried if I have a visible difference from my face to my neck. I hate it. Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow!

I just love this song so much, Kim Hyun Joong is an amazing artist~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~