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Just as colorful as the surroundings ~

Me behind the desk at the local handcrafts shop~ Just for fun, where no customers inside right then. I think this must be my most colorful outfit during easter break. Just as colorful as the store.

I have also been pretty tired of using lashes lately, but the 3 past day’s I have been wearing them every day. It goes up and down, but this time the down period have been pretty long. I have been serious considering if I would ever bother to wear lashes any more. All  I needed was just to fall on love with a simple style of gyaru make-up and some simple but a bit dramatic pair of lashes. Love them~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

A Summary of March

I think I got making collages on my brain, so I decided to make a summary of what I wore during March. Just 11 outfits, I have been shockingly lazy when it comes to dressing up and immortalize my outfits with pictures. Still, I’m happy that I don’t bombard my blog with this.

So for fun, I have my hair down 7 out of 11, and my hair up just 4 out if 11. I used to hate having my hair down, but lately I have become pretty comfortable with it. I also been wearing shorts, skirts and dresses more than jeans/pants. My favorite pair of shoes during March has been my brown cowboy boots from Nelly.

By doing these collages I notice how much I dress up in dark colors by doing this. I do not know how well my “Dress up in light color” project is working out.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~