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Instagram XX

I have finally hit Instagram update number 20! So I am “celebrating” it with a new format, making the pictures bigger, and the amount a lot less. I like it this way :)

1. Ombre hair is back! Hope it doesn't fade to much this time~
2. My entire outfit was black one day, only the necklace was in a 
lighter color.

3. Walking up the stairs to my classroom, determined to have a good day. Always!
4. Making a model of my major project~

5. Work in progress~!
6. When this happened one morning i thought it would be a bad day.

7. A lovely friend in glass got an awesome friend on Norway that sent me this~! <3
8. Watching the beautiful sky while doing make-up one morning.

9. Dramatic & Dynamic~!
10. Fake leather harem parents from Galstar.

11. Bath bomb & toes! Love how it dissolves~
12. Appeared after my bath bomb dissolved!

13. More ELF make-up in the mail. In love with the eyeshadow and 
14. Work in progress!

15. Inside my head there is a riot
16. Drinking Barefoot on a quiet saturday.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Take a muffin break~ 

After breakfast/lunch Saturday the 6th, we went for a stroll in the shopping streets of Birmingham. We Found the Mailbox with all the exclusive stores and got a bit lost on our hunt for Lush, little did we know that it was just down the street from where we ate.

After happily purchasing bath bombs, we continued down to the train station centre and before we knew it we where in the middle of the Bullring shopping mall. This centre is crazy huge. Where its people everywhere and you have to stand in a queue to get to the stairs and there’s a constant hum of people talking.

After a while we felt like we deserved something light to eat, and took a break at the Muffin Break café at the top of the centre. M had a fudge like brownie while I enjoyed a gluten free apricot and banana muffin – which was very good!

After some more wandering around in the centre we went outside to get some fresh air, and sat down outside where we got a beautiful view.

Totally in contrast to the design of the Bullring!

Then I wouldn’t give up on the shops until I had found some perfect black gloves. And I’m glad for that because I found a cute stand who sold bubble tea. Which I had only heard about but never tasted, so happy I finally got to!

So I ordered one with Green tea flavor. Love it.

M enjoying his ice cream ~!

After that we finally took the taxi home to relax a bit before we went out to eat at a cute and charming greek restaurant. We had such a lovely saturday night in Birmingham.

XXXXXX ([]u[])y~