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21st of April – Macramé Love

This was basically what I did the first days I where home being sick. I’ve learned this like 2 yeas ago and totally forgot it again, but suddenly I wanted to do it again.

So when mom came to get me in Bodø we bought some pearls and stuff. So I learned me the technique of making bracelets with adjustable sizes. These are quite quick to make when you first get the hang of it.

Just showing the bracelets I’m satisfied with. I really love the turquoise one~ The pink one is also a favorite. I’m probably gonna make some more before easter is over.

I got totally hooked on it! So I had to take a break before I made way to many. Although, now I want to make one with black pearls.

Had a quiz with my family yesterday~ It was quite fun but my head started hurting after reading to many questions! Had also this flag game so we guessed counties by flags to.

All together a nice evening. Well, easter is here and I want my easter egg, mom told me she had made me one!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~