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Storm at the Top

This saturday when we stopped at a grocery store in one of the many valleys of Meløy, I saw this beautiful weather and just had to get a picture of it. It looks like it’s some kind of mist, but more likely theres was a snowstorm going on at the top of the mountains.

While the rain pours down here (okay it isn’t raining today luckily), it is actually snowing on the mountain tops. I love how the mountain tops looks like they are drawn with a pencil. Maybe not that I am getting better, from my cold, I’ll get up earlier and get some good pictures of them in the morning light. Who knows~

I have played a little more around in Photoshop this time, using other tolls than JUST levels ect. Found a lovely photo blog I’m going to follow, who also have shared some great tips on youtube. I do intend to find more tips on youtube, maybe I’ll get better at editing photos one day~!



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