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Instagram Part IX

Wow, I’ve been so worn out after work, workouts and EM football games that I havent been able to consider blogging. I have not been much on the internet in general, as it causes me to fall asleep. And I do not like mid-day napping. But it’s finally weekend, so now there is time for Instagram update part 9~! I really haven’t been updating much through may/june so I’m almost on schedule. The last 3 pics is from last weekend when I got home! As always, click on the numbers to see the pictures in full version~

  • 1. BFFamily was in t-town~!
  • 2. Chocolate heart, I was celebrating being done with school for this year.
  • 3. The aftermath of celebrating….
  • 4. Nachos with the best girls!

  • 5. Oh, this is always so booring but it needs to be done
  • 6. Finally started on a new book: Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84.
  • 7. Worked it out!
  • 8. I wanted to be totally green one day. Loved this outfit, might have to wear it again soon!

  • 9. That number at 11AM is very rare. Loving it.
  • 10. Drank coffee and edited pictures in the dark while my boy slept in the bed besides me. He came straight from his night shift to me that morning.
  • 11. One sunny day we finally went to the best ice cream shop!
  • 12. My love bought me a journey as a summer gift~! (Sims 3 World adventures)

  • 13. They upgraded my subscription for my phone, more free mins for calls and more free texts! I have no idea how to use it all.
  • 14. The dog was packed, and it looked sad….
  • 15. Packing chaos, but I’m almost there!
  • 16. Right before it was shipped, that was all of my stuff. Seems so little.

  • 17. emptiness. Night before leaving for home.
  • 18. Home! Got welcomed with the best gift – sunny weather!
  • 19. Golden shoes on the rocks at the sea.
  • 20. Midsummer bonfire!
XXXXX ([]u[])y~
Ps. Instagram is currently not working, so I didn’t get to check what I actually wrote when posting

The process of moving

ugh, the mess that packing creates....

Lunch break - Pizza~!

Before and after sending most of my stuff with the night train.

This was heavy to carry for tiny me

I can’t say I miss this at all. I am so glad I am finished with packing, moving and traveling. Several days of packing, over 12 hours of traveling with train and by car. I am so glad I am finally home.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Roaming the city for furniture

Well, it totally feels like a waste of time.. Walking around and across the city and never reaching my goal. That’s what I’ve been doing today. I just have to accept that they were sold out of that clot-hanger module. It’s not like they don’t have something similar at IKEA, it was just prettier. The one from Chlas Olson.

Yeah, I have issues indeed. So eventually I hit IKEA instead, far later than planned. I spent over 1500 NOK on a bookcase, table, a storage system (for my make up LOL), a lamp, some pillows and ect. And of course, home transport is incl. in those.

I can’t live here without some storage possibilities. Things are so far floating on the floor and that will not do. Which reminds me that I have to tidy the place a bit before the transport people comes tomorrow.

I am sorry for all these updates without pictures! I feel so horrible. Oh well, pictures are coming when I once again find time to edit and stuff. It’s just a little chaotic right now.

XXXXX ([]u[])


Keys to new life

oh my gosh! I just HAVE to make a short (and probably annoying to some) update, because I got the f’ing keys to my new apartment! And you may be wondering ‘why the huge freak-out over that, we all knew you where going to move in’.

Well, I can promise you that a huge burden got lifted of my shoulders the minute I got the keys in my hands. I don’t have to live out of a suitcase, I can finally lay down in a bed I can claim mine. Wake up in a room that is mine. All of you living away from home as a student knows how that feels. To have your own place.

So now I just got to start running back and forth with my stuff. What to bring there first?

XXXXX ([]u[])Y~~


Out of a suitcase

My life is currently on a little loop right now, hence why I haven’t been blogging. I am practically living out of a suitcase in my sisters place, while running back and forth to get the contract to my new place fixes. Not literally tho, it just feels so.

I never had so many calls on my phone this past few days, of ppl answering my advertise about needing a place to live. Just one tho, had what I really was looking for. A place near or in center of town to a fair price.

After seeing the place I only wasted 4 hours before I texted and said I wanted the place. I really do. I think it’s perfect for me. It’s in the middle of the heart of Trondheim, just a block from my sister, and a few blocks to my school.

Hopefully everything will go as planned, and I’ll get the keys tonight or tomorrow, so I can start moving in soon. School is starting on monday, and by then I want to be settled.

So, just a short update before I run out~ Just to update you guys, who I know reads my blog to keep track of how I’m doing. Have a nice day!

XXXXX ([]u[])/


Handsome Moving

I have spent the last days mostly just packing aaand packing. At one point I was really worried that it was too much. That the firm would say “we can’t take all that”. I wonder why I always thing such stupid things. Still, this totally looks like a lot:   Okay looking at the pictures it doesn’t look like much, but it totally did IRL! Or I’m just really really tiny or something. Anyways, tiny me had to move all the stuff outdoors before the help came. I am so glad I have trained a lot of strength these past 6 months.

I got finished before schedule so I decided to take my guitar out and just strum on it for a bit, I haven’t played it in ages. Hardly remember anything, but then again, jamming is my thing. So I was sitting on the big white trash can when a huge van came driving with two good-looking guys. Classic.

Handsome moving help was handsome, strong hand shakes indeed, and my stuff actually looked pretty tiny inside the van. Oh, what the fuck was I worrying about, seriously. Everything went by smooth.

Except for the fact that the port to the my sister place was quite difficult to get up. It took all three of us to figure it out. WELL, just the cleaning part left then I’m out!

And just 1 day and 19 hours til I’m in Oslo~

XXXXX ([]w[])y~