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Summer addictions, Part I~!

Its been a while since I’ve updated about any music addictions, new releases – just music in general. So I thought I would share some songs I have been insanely addicted to this summer. The songs I have played while running, the songs I have to listen to at work, the songs that gets me awake in the morning. I do get more addicted to music in the summer, pretty much because of work.

Because I am not entirely aware of which songs it really is that I am addicted to, much to the fact that I am not aware of it myself, I am going to split it up in several parts. And I have promised myself to write it down every time I think “Oh, I have been listening to this song a lot lately.. is it over? Must play it again!”.

So here we go~!
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Electric Shock~

I think I’ve had this song on replay almost the whole day. I have always loved f(x)‘s funky and freshness. I have kind of missed them since “Hot Summer”. Which is still a favorite by them. But “Electric Shock” is addictive, and will probably take the number one spot. If it’s even possible they have become even fresher!

Just love the scene, the dorkyness and the feel of this video. Also adore their outfits, even if some of them are a bit awkward at first sight. They take their own style far, but not too far in my eyes. Then again, I have always loved awkwardness. Also, the sound is what’s making it totally addictive.

And I just got to say that I love that Amber has some singing parts in this, not only rap parts as usual. Go Amber~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Baby, I’m not a monster…

Because I was away when this came out, and because I was in the middle of my exam I totally missed out on BIGBANG‘s new release. Some days went by before I finally discovered it. And ever since there has been a tab open with the youtube video of Monster, available whenever I want to hear it. Because I love it so much. It’s so comfortable to listen to, and at the same time it’s really emotional.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

You’re a good boy~ 

Baek Ji Young has been a perfect ballads artist for me, I have actually never listened to any one of her fast beat songs – before now. I first heard her through the OST for the IRIS series. Which I watched just because it had my favorite actor in it. Then I saw through allkpop that she was performing on one of Koreans many music shows and just had to check out the mv… WOW, that voice~!

She has a crazy good voice for ballads, and it makes me happy to hear that she can carry it through a pop song too. Just love how this song is built up on the constant love drama between a boy and a girl, when a girl threats a boy he gets cocky, and when the boy threats her like a queen she gets bossy. Junhyung‘s (from B2st) is just an extra +. Love his playful rap, and how Baek Ji Young answers him.

This song just rocks~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Make it bounce~ 

Wow, I just instantly fell for these two charming boys of JJ Project and their music. So catchy and rhythmic. Just love the feeling of their debut song “Bounce”, and all the changes it has. Specially that sudden rock band part. I am going to have the phrase “Let it bounce!” on my brain for ages, but I don’t mind. They are some amazing and damn good rookies!

It's also such a funny and energetic music video.

Full of colors, cool dance moves and bouncing~! And I always end up bouncing to it. I also like their voices and their carefree and lively image in this video. I really recommend you to check out the rest of their album~! Just going to share one last song, because I love the rhythm, the feeling it has and just the awesome way it built up!

I really wished they could play music like this out in the clubs~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Instagram Part V

Ugh, I’m sorry for suddenly dissapearing. I knew that I would be busy these days with studying for my math exam, which I have tomorrow. But I never guessed I would be struggling with a serious cold too. It came creeping on me on sunday, and haven’t left yet. So bottersome!  Oh well, I finally feel like doing something else. I mean, I have energy to something else than just working on the math. It must mean that I am getting a bit better? Anyways, heres my Instagrap update part 5~ As always, click the numbers to see pics bigger~

  • 1. Baking! Made cupcakes with different vegetables and banana+cocoa cupcakes
  • 2. The result :D
  • 3. Started working out with weight in late April
  • 4. Mr Monkey was making sure my hurting back was staying nice and warm last time I was sick

  • 5. Mr Monkay, water and Ritz! Best crackers when sick.
  • 6. Paper of money on the top off my shelf is making me happy.
  • 7. Mr Monkey also slept on my tummy.
  • 8. Morning tea!

  • 9. Tea number two that day, to get through math class
  • 10. A slice of pizza and a aliend hand.
  • 11. Took a powernap with my pillows on the couch before re-arranging my bed
  • 12. Frozen berries with yoghurt. Love it when the yoghurt freezes~

  • 13. On the sunny side~
  • 14. Once again, to unmotivated to do math…
  • 15. “I’m okay, Baby, are you okay?”
  • 16. Wanted this but couldn’t decide on which color. (eventually bought it in mint~)

  • 17. Another date with the 10 kg weight, in the start of May.
  • 18. Where my face sleeps at night.
  • 19. Having no consentration for math… Was trying to prepare for moch exam.
  • 20. Morning coffee. Totally worth ruining the lipstick every day.

… Wow, this update is containing a lot from when I studied for my mock exam in math, which somewhere in the first week of May. Seems like ages ago! But its barely a month since. Well, lets hope all the studying I did then, and all the studying I have tried to do this week has prepared me for the exam tomorrow~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Getting the summer feeling a bit early!

4minute have finally made a korean comeback, and I can already tell which song that will be the main hit for me during summer this year. I just can’t wait to listen to ‘Volume Up’ while sunbathing, drinking smoothies and having fun~ The main sound is just screaming “SUMMER!” at me. The moment I heard it I wans instantly ready for summer break.

I really like the concept for the mv too, and their outfits.
 And gosh I love that patterned pants!

I didn’t like this trend that is starting to show up, but 4minutes made sure to turn that all around. Now I have to buy that shirt I saw in the H&M summer catalogue, which I actually thought was hideous. After watching this mv it is totally cool! But I wonder where I can get hold on a similar pants as one of the girls is wearing…

Beside ‘Volume Up’, ‘Femme Fatale’ is one of my favorite tracks on their new mini album. The marching drums and the whole way this song is built is so addictive and powerful. It really makes me feel that “I am so dangerous”.

In general I really like the sound in this album. The 90’s vibe is clearly starting to get popular all over the world, and 4minute do it so right.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Saying that everyone is happy are all lies – I won’t believe it

Its amazing what a song can do to you.

This song lifts my mood instantly, I get courage and strength some how. I just feel pretty invincible those 3 mins and 44 seconds. There’s just something about how the song is build up, it just lighten my day up. All the troubles I’ve been worried about doesn’t seem so big any more, and if I was tired after a hard workout but suddenly I got this energy boost. In other words, this song is a must after working out!

It might have something to do with Daesungs ability to sing with such honest feelings. The chorus just make me believe that’s whatever I’m thinking of it’s not that hard after all. Just believe it, that you can be happy. In some strange way it makes me accsept how my life is right now more. I’ve just recently looked at the lyrics, and I just once more got it confirmed that language isn’t a barrier when it comes to music.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Oh baby, I’m so bad

I remember first time I listened to this song and I thought “oh, no. just no”. I didn’t like the style and the feel of it at all. But lately it has grown on my, and now I really like its bouncy and optimistic feeling it has. I guess it’s just one of those songs that needs to grow on me. I listened to it this morning while getting ready for school, and I really got in agreat mood immediately. Love it.

XXXXX ([]u[])/


Wow, Fantastic Baby.

It is exactly what it its, Wow~Fantastisc!

I don’t know how I’ve been able to contain myself from posting this. Because just before February ended one of my favorite groups did their comeback with releasing their new album Alive. Yes, they’re finally alive again after over a year. I can’t really express how happy I am. Just listen to the epicness~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~