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15th of February – Badest Female Seoul City Ever Had

Right now there’s two women in my life that rocks my world. They are both unique in fashion style, and how they portray themselves as artists. In my opinion, Korea don’t need any of Lady Gaga, Ke$sha or Rihanna. They got Narsha, and they got the fantastic females of 2ne1, and the badest of them, CL~

CL <3

Narsha <3

Just super strong, sexy and inspirational females. I’m addicted to CL’s make-up style, and I love to do my eyeliner like her. I think she’s the reason why I keep cutting my bangs like that. And she’s definitely the reason why I want biker jackets and awesome coloured clothes. I’ve fallen in love with Narsha’s style quite recently and haven’t tried to put any of her style into mine. But I really want to try, because I love how she uses the eyeliner to create an illusion of where her global line is, and it make’s here eyes BIG~~

She’s so pretty in this Video. My friend think she’s Lady Gaga’s lovechild, I say that Narsha is way above Lady G. Inspired by the queen maybe, but she’s quite different from her. I loooove her make-up~

I haven’t watched this video until now, and guess what ~ I love it~! Park Bom is really gorgeous in dark-colored hair, btw. Cl and Minzy is so fucking energetic in this video its having a really positive effect on my mood. Yes, I  loove Cl in this <3

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


13th of February – Remix My Life KK?

So what have my days been containing lately? Stupidly little I’ll tell you. So little that it annoys me that I’m having so little classes this week. I need some structure, routines, and something to do through the day. I hate waking up knowing that I’m getting up for nothing. It’s so much easier to get up when I know it’s just 2 hours until I have to be in my classroom.

So what to fill my days with? I could start trying to learn Japanese by myself again. I’ve tried countless of times, and its hard. I could start practicing on my guitar for real. I could sign on for boxing classes. Which I’ve wanted for ages. Or I could volunteer for something.The only problem is, that when we start having a lot of classes again and school’s getting stressful I wont have time for this kind of stuff…

Well, fuck that. Let’s talk about music! Those who know me IRL already knows, and those who is friends with me on FB have been bothered with my YouTube links. The thing is, I’ve fallen hard for club/dance remixes and mash up’s made of Korean pop. Within two days I manage to find 3 different remix artists that I liked , and over 130 songs to download and love~

First out is Robotaki. The last one I discovered, with this remix which I fell for in an instant. There’s just something about the rhythm and how well done this remix really is. I mean, the melody in the middle is just genius.

Then we got REX ROWDEE which was the first one I discovered. Just quite randomly, I don’t even remember what I was searching for in the first place. Now, my absolute favorites aren’t out on YouTube, but this one is quite good to. I love this song, and this remix just makes me love it even more.

And last is Areia, which is my favorite. IDK, with all the vids out on YouTube you can really hear how he’s developed from the first one to his last creations. I also like how he takes time to explain what he’s done with the songs, although I don’t have a clue what it all means, and he also explain what feelings his creations gives him, or what it’s memories of and ect.

They all makes me wanna dance so bad~~! Why aren’t there any night club playing these songs? I would be out there dancing all night long.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~