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Instagram XX

I have finally hit Instagram update number 20! So I am “celebrating” it with a new format, making the pictures bigger, and the amount a lot less. I like it this way :)

1. Ombre hair is back! Hope it doesn't fade to much this time~
2. My entire outfit was black one day, only the necklace was in a 
lighter color.

3. Walking up the stairs to my classroom, determined to have a good day. Always!
4. Making a model of my major project~

5. Work in progress~!
6. When this happened one morning i thought it would be a bad day.

7. A lovely friend in glass got an awesome friend on Norway that sent me this~! <3
8. Watching the beautiful sky while doing make-up one morning.

9. Dramatic & Dynamic~!
10. Fake leather harem parents from Galstar.

11. Bath bomb & toes! Love how it dissolves~
12. Appeared after my bath bomb dissolved!

13. More ELF make-up in the mail. In love with the eyeshadow and 
14. Work in progress!

15. Inside my head there is a riot
16. Drinking Barefoot on a quiet saturday.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

A bath on the Roof

There’s a whole life in the back yards that we know nothing about, I’m sure. There are several fat pigeons, a mafia gang of small birds, some mischievous squirrels and one lazy cat here at least. Who knows what bad thins they are up to at night. Because during daytime they are rather cute.

The gang of tiny birds came to hang in our backyard and take a refreshing bath on our roof top after some heavy rainy days.

See, they are cute during the day!

Spot the flying pigeon!

I haven’t yet managed to capture a picture of the cat and the squirrels… Anyways, I’m sure these guys are up to no good when we aren’t watching ;)

XXXXX ([]u[])/~

Midsummer bonfire part 2 ~ 

Part one here!

Coffee made on a bonfire is always the best, whether it’s enjoyed by the sea or at a mountain top. And it’s always nice to do something together as a family. I also got my mum to take some pictures of me, usually I’m always behind the camera. I am really satisfied with the pictures I snapped here. If I weren’t in love with editing my pictures in a cosy way, I would have posted the originals. Anyways – First day at home well spent!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Runaway weekend day 3~

Last post of my runaway weekend last week, also the last day of it. I totally had the feeling of not wanting to leave yet. I probably didn’t want the weekend to be over yet because I didn’t want to get back to school and do the last exam. Anyways, we saw a fox running across the land outside the kitchen window when we ate breakfast. It was really pretty~

Afterwards we where lazy for most of the day untill we realised we had to hurry up and tidy up the place before we left. We stressed a bit because we miscalculated how much time we would need. But we made it~! Didn’t take much pictures that day, but I just had to take some of the place as we left.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Mountain Hiking #1

Every summer my dad & I goes something called Fjelltrimmen. If you go on 10 out of 16 mountain tops you’ll get a cute coffee cup with a print of a mountain top you might have been on. It’s not much, an is certainly not the reason, or at least only reason for doing it.

It’s the whole trip itself that’s the big gain of doing it. Being out in the nature, smelling and breathing the extra fresh air and coming to the top and see the stunning view. To see places you know from a whole new angle. It’s just stunning.

So yesterday we went mountain hiking to Ronetinden, which is our first trip this year. I love going somewhere new, and get a whole new perspective on my home place. Although the top of the mountain was a bit scary, the view was just priceless.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~