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Last Christmas

Sitting here trying to find some motivation to work, and whats better than reliving last christmas and looking forward to this years christmas break. Because going home for christmas is really the best award I can get for finishing my work. Looking at it that way I feel I HAVE to work hard to finish.

Oh last christmas was so amazing~! But I am realizing how little pictures I took, and how little I edited. This year I a going to take loads of photo, post like crazy and memorize everything tight into my bone. This year is extra special because I am further away than normally. I am in a situation where I’m not only looking forward to go home, I am also looking forward to get back to Norway. I am also missing a lot of people this year, usually it’s just a few. And I miss someone really really dear to me, M. It makes the going-home-for-christmas-feeling extra strong.

So here's some pictures from last year christmas and new year~!


Lights in Trondheim, so beautiful~


Snow on the mountains, just barely~! (I hope there will be loads of 
snow this year!)


Making gingerbread Gardvik style! There is no little christmas eve 
without :)


Decorated gingerbread :)


Kitten curious on the presents ~


Lovely Christmas decoration.


There's no Christmas break without visiting LeLe!


New years eve, decoration has gone white :)


Team Gardvik making circles :)


Best family (Me, Mum, Dad & little brother, 
but my sister is missing, she was in France)


XXXXX ([]u[])y~



Last day of Last year

What I wore at New Years Eve~

It’s also what I shopped at Gina Tricot when I went to Bodø to visit Live-chan during christmas break. The shorts is actually high-waisted, it’s just hidden beneath the awesome knitted sweater I just couldn’t leave without.

 Love how the dark fabric is at the wrist, and not on the elbows~

Ah, finally back to daily life and routines. School today was tiresome, studying for upcoming test isn’t easy when all you want to do is sleep. BUT, nice meeting my classmates again~

Now I need to unpack my stuff, and get back to studying for that damn test tomorrow!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~       - EdgyPop

Clean sheets to write a story on~

2012, please be good!(above:a picture that means a lot to me)

1 dream

  • To study abroad, and feel confident about the language, place and culture

2 expectations

  • That this year will bring me something good
  • That I’ll be able to improve

3 Goals

  • Getting good grades, at tests and at the end of the last semester
  • To get better at keeping in touch with friends, call and text more often.
  • Get to school/deals on time (at least more often than what I have been)

4 Got-to-do’s

  • Go to the doctor and get checked up
  • Work out with the same joy as the previous year
  • Practice taking pictures – take good ones for my blog
  • Start doing my homework during free time at school, and right away after school.

5 I would love to’s

  • To cook and make food more often
  • Travel somewhere (excluded the place I would study abroad)
  • Read educational books and literature
  • Hang out on café more often – with friends or with a book
  • Fall in love with someone who wants to be with me (cheesy huh?)

6 I want to avoid

  • getting shit faced and do something stupid
  • Eating too much candy/sugar and get too addicted
  • mess up my sleeping habits and end up over-sleeping.
  • getting in big fights with friends
  • postponing stuff until it’s almost to late.
  • Letting my fear of spiders get me to much

7 things I want to improve

  • to master speaking english a lot better
  • prioritizing right
  • my blog – as previously said: I want to make it more me.
  • my health – I always want to, good health is important to me.
  • my writing skills, since I want to pick up writing poems/lyrics again
  • my guitar skills, I didn’t buy a guitar for nothing
  • my japanese, its damn hard to be self thought. Purchasing some school books might help me here

8 things I want to blog

  • video blogs. It’s a scary decision, but it might help me with my english
  • about the little things in life that makes me happy
  • about my opinions and thoughts on different subjects.
  • more thoroughly tough posts
  • about my style, yes outfit pictures, but I want to make them a bit more meaningful
  • about what inspires me, and what makes me who I am
  • unique lists that would be interesting and fun to read
  • more pictures – different, unique and strange one.

9 words for the coming year

  • Inspire
  • unique
  • challenge
  • poetic
  • words
  • hope
  • excitement
  • thoughtful
  • strange
XXXXX ([]u[])y~    -   EdgyPop

1st of January – Fireworks

Well, first post of 2011. Time pass by so fast, I can’t believe another year of blogging is over. Anyways, first post of 2011 means – FIREWORKS pictures~ Struggled a bit with getting good shots, because they shot it up before I had the right settings. But that’s noting Photoshop can’t fix. No really, just adjusted the light a bit. Enjoy~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~